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Punk/Metal band from Cleveland, OH For those of you into the truly barbaric, vomit-stained sounds of Motörhead, Venom, Discharge, Hellhammer, early D.R.I., Carnivore,and GG Allin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Diminished is a Deathgrind band from Texas. Formed in 2005 Diminished has three releases out
Founded by Daniel A. Balle & Michael Pinkard, Diminished formed in the spring of 2005. Diminished would fluctuate members on bass & guitar but centered around Daniel Balle, Michael Pinkard, and Cesar Martinez. In 2009 Diminished signed to New York based label Sevared Records. Sevared Records has released the first three albums (Chainsaw Cunt 2010), (Rectal Torment 2010), & (Origin of Apocalypse 2012) by Diminished. In March 2010, Diminished replaced drummer Caesar with Aaron Romo. As of fall 2011, Samantha Romero would take over bass duties until 2013. Since them, Diminished is a two piece band with session members to fill in at live shows.
A Deathgrind band from the Lone Star State since 2005, with three full-length albums out entitled Chainsaw Cunt (2-19-2010) & Rectal Torment (12-9-2010) & Origin of Apocalypse (2-8-12). We are currently working the "indie circuit"


The band was formed around 1994 in the city of Cancun, Mexico. Due there was no metal scene in their area they start to play shows around Mexico. Their first e.p. came out on 1998 "Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment" under the label Emerald City. On the year 2000 they entered the Oigo Estudios in Guadalajara to record their first full cd: "Inhuman Ways of Depravity". Thanks for the great promotion that the label did, the band did their first European trip playing at some festivals like OBSCENE EXTREME, NRW DEATH FEST, BARROSELAS FEST plus some other countries like Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

For 2003 the band came back to Germany to play at the famous FUCK THE COMMERCE where they play along with bands like CEPHALIC CARNAGE, HATE PLOW, MISERY INDEX, DISMEMBER, ROTTEN SOUND plus more. Around 2004 their first proper tour came and they toured Europe again for 3 weeks sharing the stage with PREJUDICEN (Bel) and FLESHGORE (Ukraine).
Around 2005 the band had their first American invitation, at the Maryland Death fest in Baltimore, but for some legal problems, the band had to cancel and make it happen until 2010. Instead of this, they make their first Mexican tour. This time playing for 3 weeks around all México beside PUNGENT STENCH (Aus). Because of this great tour, for 2006 they tour again all around Mexico along DISGORGE (USA) for 2 weeks.

The first American festival for the band came finally on 2007. The band was invited to play at the Los Angeles Murderfest which they share the bill with PIG DESTROYER, OBITUARY, ATHEIST, BRUTAL TRUTH, ANAL CUNT plus more bands. Their second American fest was at the Central Illinois Metalfest on the summer from 2007. For that fest many bands like ORIGIN, MACABRE, DEVOURMENT, PUTRID PILE share the stage. On the same year they came back to Europe for a 3 weeks tour with PROPHECY and CARNAL DECAY (Swi) hitting many places.

For 2008 they made a Mexican tour: The Fist Fuck Family Tour. SKINNED, PUTRID PILE, CARNAL DECAY plus the band hit the road for 2 weeks.
For 2009 the band is back to Europe on a 3 week tour with DESPONDENCY (Ger), COVENANCE (USA) and CARNAL DECAY. Finally for that year after the European tour, the band get the support from Sevared Records to edit a cd compilation called "Sickening Chronologies" which is released on the summer from the same year.

One of the best year for the band it is 2010. After 5 years when they cancelled their trip for the first time to the USA, the band play at the Maryland Death Fest VIII with bands like PENTAGRAM, AUTOPSY, ENTOMBED, PESTILENCE, GORGUTS, CONVERGE plus more. On the same year, during summer the band play on another two festivals: Central Illinois Metalfest and the Hostile City Fest along bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION, INFERNAL REVULSION, EXODUS, HATE ETERNAL, MORTICIAN, DECEASED, SEPTYCAL GORGE and more.

During spring of 2011 the band travel to Denver, Colorado for some shows and record their last cd called "Die Wiege Der Lust" at the HyghBreed studios. Produced by Steve Goldberg (Cephalic Carnage) the cd is released on November 1st under Sevared Records one more time. For this release the band went on a trip around all Mexico and the USA for a month and a half finishing this tour at the GOREGROWLERS BALL'S FEST with SUFFOCATION, BRUTAL TRUTH, EXHUMED, GOATWHORE plus more bands.
The band right now is working on their new material, which will be released by HANDSHAKE INC. during the upcoming spring. Plus the band will be touring for some months around the USA and the whole summer at Europe. Also their first Canadian shows will happen during September of 2012.

Bottomless Pit

If there's one thing that's immediately obvious about Bottomless Pit, it's that these dudes have impeccable musical chemistry. After all, they've been making music together for a long time, as guitarists Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett honed their chops in 90s alt-math collective Silkworm. But when drummer Michael Dahlquist suddenly died in 2005, so did that band. Soon after, Bottomless Pit emerged. In a strict sense, then, the group was forged out of sorrow.



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