!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

!!! (generally pronounced "chk chk chk") is a dance-punk band that formed in Sacramento, California, in 1996. The band's name was inspired by the subtitles of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which the clicking sounds of the Bushmens' Khoisan language were represented as "!". However, as the bandmembers themselves say, !!! is pronounced by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound. Chk Chk Chk is the most common pronunciation, but they could just as easily be called Pow Pow Pow, Bam Bam Bam, Uh Uh Uh, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, We Are Hex is the fire of the televangelist on a night of infomercials; the last union pub on the strip; and skin rubbed raw by a pleasant sin.

Since 2007, they have released two full-length records, several limited-run EPs, a 7" on Jack White's Third Man Records, and still managed to play your basement - you're welcome.

We Are Hex will be releasing a new 7" on Latest Flame Records in spring 2013 produced by the blues man himself, Mr. Jon Spencer.

$13.00 - $15.00


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