Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers

Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers

Twenty five years after winning a Best New Artist Grammy and launching one of contemporary music's most diverse and collaborative careers, Bruce Hornsby is still, blissfully, making joyful noise—and finding clever, expansive ways to chronicle the dynamic musical snapshots along the journey. Now comes the release of Bride Of The Noisemakers--an ambitious 25 track, double CD chronicling 2007-2009 live performances of some of the singer/songwriter and pianist's hand-picked songs of the past 20 years. The songs are recorded live capturing the playful, freewheeling spirit and unique chemistry of his longtime band The Noisemakers.

Tapping into many of the genres that have influenced Hornsby's artistic output over the years—pop, jazz, bluegrass, country and modern classical music—Bride of the Noisemakers features songs from previous releases such as Big Swing Face (2002), Halcyon Days (2004), and Levitate (2009).

"I think the guys in the Noisemakers like the gig because there's never a dull moment and we attempt to keep the spontaneity factor high," says Hornsby. "The watchword is always, 'Watch Bruce.' I'm a fairly loose leader and I don't like to rehearse! We mostly just ride around the country on a bus and laugh a lot. Hopefully you can hear that loose spirit in our shows; I just don't take things too seriously."

His albums have sold over 11 million copies worldwide, has won three Grammy awards, and has played on over 100 records over the years, including albums by Bob Dylan, Don Henley, the Grateful Dead, Bob Seger, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Bela Fleck.

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