Widowspeak is an American band comprised of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas, known for its dreamy, western-tinged take on rock and roll. The outfit formed in 2010 and released two singles in 2011 (Harsh Realm, Gun Shy) followed by a debut album (self-titled) in the summer of that year, all on Brooklyn label Captured Tracks. Widowspeak was praised for its reverential spaciousness, Hamilton’s haunting voice, and Thomas’s spindly, Morricone-esque guitar lines; both drawing on 1950’s pop ballads and 1970’s psych, creating languid call-and-response melodies. The band then toured extensively, wearing in their warm, nostalgic sound.
The Swamps is the newest release from American swoon lords Widowspeak. It arrives as bridge between the duo’s sophomore album, Almanac, and an as yet untitled third studio record. Here the band’s characteristic sonic landscapes, haunting harmonies, and layers of delicate guitar-work usher in a new chapter in their dark and dreamy catalog. Inspired by the light-choked wetlands of its title, The Swamps brims with songs about fears of stagnation and the pitfalls of nostalgia, but never relinquishes Widowspeak’s melodic optimism.
The Swamps will be released October 29, 2013 on Captured Tracks.

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams have managed to make an unlikely thing occur: A second C/T signing from Blacksburg, VA. Mining similar influences as their contemporaries, the young sextet bring an emotive and exciting sense of urgency to the table that only anticipates what should be a great debut LP.

"There are relatively few labels left whose logo can be considered a true stamp of approval, but for many people Captured Tracks is one of those. Hoop Dreams fit perfectly into their roster; a band from Virginia that sound like they could be from Manchester, they make clattering, slightly neurotic pop songs in the vein of a deconstructed Cure." -The Line of Best Fit (Song of the Day)


Crinkles was born in the chilly basements of house shows and DIY venues of Burlington, VT. In 2009 the young five-piece packed up shop and relocated to the fortuitous streets of Brooklyn where they founded their own imprint HEAVYPET and released a string of limited pressings and homemade CD-Rs.

Amassing nearly three years worth of recordings, Crinkles will release its debut long-player Loss Leader this spring. The record was not so much conceived as it was accumulated, expanding on sounds found on cassette and 1/4" reel-to-reel tapes, remixes and early demos of now-revitalized tracks. The end result is a collection of songs varying both in fidelity and place, intimately recorded mid-tempo pop songs earnestly selected from an array of past influences and experiences.

Ex Cops (Album Release Party!)

"More than a little buzz forming around Brooklyn-based Ex Cops, a new project from ex-HYMNS frontman, Brian Harding. Harding is assembling a live unit and concurrently putting the finishing touches on the low wine of this project, White Women EP, which we’re working under the assumption will include the Radiohead-esque 'Black Helicopters.'" - My Old Kentucky Blog



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