Thunder Gumbo presents SLUMBERDOME

Thunder Gumbo presents SLUMBERDOME


This is a Burning Man Fundrager for Thunder Gumbo's hand-crafted twenty foot tall art car + sound system to go to Burning Man and lots of other Fun Places this summer. Thanks for your support! Join our Facebook group to stay in the loop.


SLUMBERDOME. The ultimate gladiatorial pillow fighting arena to prove your worth and dominance, but gently, tenderly. A pyjama party, a teenage sleepover soiree, a safe place to dance your heart out. A place to play with your dreams and nightmares.

In celebration of the annual International Pillow Fight Day, we're putting together a party who's theme is all about the tender, restful dream space of pillows and the intensely competitive and explosive act of pillowfights. Come dressed for a teenage sleepover party, to engage in tribal pillow fighting warfare, to dance like you do in your dreams.

The Thunder Gumbo party crew and Burning Man camp is simply ecstatic to present a night of diverse, participatory, experimental programming across three stages, in the same venue as our Freezing Man and Mardi Gods fundraiser events. We will be hosting amazing music, unique live performance, and Deep Weird from members of our extended community and special guests we admire from other tribes.

Come out and dance. We're cooking up something good.

Lineup (with more special guests to come)

Live our your fantasies dancing to DJ's on the
****************BIG DREAMS STAGE

Act out your wildest subconscious fantasies with hundreds of other dancers in front of the Paper Box's massive soundsystem. The stage will feature an immersive dreamscape, lounge space, and dance platform KimBa-Jee, with the DJ centered in the middle of the room.

With musical guests:
~~Reality Engine
~~The Artist Formerly Known As Barney Iller
~~Tinseltown with live drum section


Attain Oneness with the Teen Within at the

Come in your finest teenage slumber party attire to sleep over with the most uplifting, cosmic, high vibration cool hippie mom hosted sleepover. Built by Laura Notini. With Spin the Bottle, lots of Cosmo Magazines, zumba at 1AM, a nail salon, hella gossip, and other Teen Girl Activities for the teenager inside of you, with the vibiest treats, most spiritually grounded music, and other dreamy, ecstatic dance music to boogie in your footies to.

With musical guests:
~~Srikalogy (Unitribe)
~~Thornato (Cumba Mela)
~~Tiger Lily aka Mustella


Gladiatorial, tribal warfare with a pillow fight free for all in the

We'll have a big tent. Bring pillows. Fight to the death. Punk bands early, and the legendary Joro Boro playing music from all genres, countries, and possible universes. Play nice, don't fight dirty, don't hate, create. Built by The Skull Lovers (formerly SKULL EATERS) and Ben Devoe.

With Musical Guests:
~~Joro Boro
~~Pizza Face (Pizza-oriented punk band from Philly)


~~Dance performances by TELAH QUEMERE + TANYA EVERYWHERE
~~Tarot by DHARMA
~~GUMBO FOR SALE to keep you from passing out drunk
~~More performers WAY TOO MUCH STUFF we love it that way

costume suggestions:
~~Sexy or Platonic PJ's (bonus for footies)
~~Bedbug (BYO Mattress)
~~Cool Mom Hosting a Slumber Party
~~Nightmare creature under the bed
~~German Psychoanalyst
~~High vibe angel
~~Dream Catcher (like a baseball player covered in string)
~~Pillow Gladiator

$15 early bird presale, $20 presale, before 11 / after 3:30, $25


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