Texas in July

Texas in July

East Coast Metalcore from Lancaster, PA.



ERRA is a five piece progressive metalcore band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama that formed in 2009. Their namesake comes from Akkadian mythology and represents mayhem (something that comes to mind when giving them a listen). The band, consisting of Garrison Lee, Jesse Cash, Alan Rigdon, Sean Price and Alex Ballew, solidified their technical sound after relentlessly practicing and writing. They take their influences from well respected groups like Misery Signals, Born of Osiris, As I Lay Dying and Saosin, and thrive on being creative and showcasing their talent through their intense live performances. Erra takes great pleasure in offering their refreshing sound in a sometimes stale and over-saturated market. It’s not about fashion or status; it’s about using raw talent and energy to create genuine songs that will give hope to the listener.

Their latest offering Augment was released on Tragic Hero Records and maintains their technical ability, while presenting songs with the potential to embrace a broader audience. The word “Augment” means to enhance or grow, which is what the band believes they have achieved on this album. “It’s a very appropriate title based on everything we are trying to accomplish and all the growth we have gone through since our last record,” says guitarist Jesse Cash. “Nothing is taken away or watered down, only improved upon, and if anything, we accentuated all the parts that people wanted to hear more of this time around.”

The band has toured extensively with The Plot In You, MyChildren, MyBride, Fit For a King and performed at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, which featured Anthrax, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Erra doesn’t let success go to their heads though; their true idea of success hinges on bringing a product that has replay value for years to come.


Elitist is a four piece progressive metal band with a "goal to create music that will appease both musicians and non-musicians with smart songwriting and a main lyrical theme of having strength to keep pushing forward." A progressive viewpoint as well as a progressive sound as it were. Based in Los Angeles Elitist shares camaraderie with such fellow neighboring artists as Volumes, Bermuda and Erra...See More


Armed with progressive anthems and songs propelled by a sense of utter urgency, Forevermore, who are newly signed to Solid State Records, are on a focused, metallic mission.

The individual members of Forevermore may be familiar to fans of Christian metal. Vocalist Kramer Lowe did time in Onward to Olympas, while guitarists Alex Smith and Jared Storm were members of The Onset prior to Forevermore. Bassist Michael Taylor played guitar in Wings of Martyr. While the members cut their teeth in other projects, Forevermore has proven to be the outlet for which they were destined.

"None of our old bands were great, but I feel like we have been able to combine some of the best elements of each of our old bands into the Forevermore sound," Storm muses.

That "Forevermore sound" he speaks of is guitar-driven -- a post-metalcore style played with surgical precision. Telos, the band’s upcoming record and label debut, offers up thinking man's metal that will also satisfy the simpler urges of the headbanger that prefers a visceral and physical listening experience.

"The whole philosophy and the writing mentality for this band is to attempt to create music which strikes a balance between being interesting and enjoyable," Storm says, breaking their collective approach down to its base parts. "We want our songs to have enough creative elements to intrigue more analytical listeners while retaining enough intensity, feel and melody to appeal to a wider, more casual audience. Most of our favorite metal bands have been ones which have managed to incorporate both sides of this equation to a high degree, and our goal is to try to achieve this balance through a unique combination of elements from various metal subgenres."

"Telos" is Greek for end, purpose or goal. "The album attempts to draw the listener's attention towards things that are of greatest importance, and to challenge them to consider one’s life in light of its ultimate goal or purpose," Storm explains. "On a deeper level, it raises the question of whether one’s life does indeed have any ultimate purpose or significance; a question for which the answer is largely dependent on one’s fundamental worldview or beliefs about ultimate reality. The concept that the word 'Telos' encapsulates should prompt us to consider the implications that our fundamental worldview has on these questions about life’s ultimate purpose, and to reflect on how they should influence the way we live our lives."

The song "Force Fed" was a bit of an experiment that forced Storm out of his songwriting comfort zone.
"In the past I have always written using a program called TabIt, which allows you to tab out and playback compositions in MIDI," he explains. "But during the writing process for this album, I began to demo out some ideas with real instruments to get a better idea of how the final product would actually sound. 'Force Fed' was the first song that I’ve written solely by recording the ideas as I write them rather than putting them into TabIt. This method has its pros and cons, but the main benefit is that it reduces the problem that comes from trying to imagine how songs written in MIDI will actually end up sounding with real instruments."

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