Trev Taylor

Trev Taylor

If you pictured a young man with style that looked like it walked right out of a 1930's speakeasy, who had an outsider demeanor that S. E. Hinton herself couldn't even fathom, and a songwriting ability that could eventually find a home in several people's top ten lists… Then you would most certainly picture Trev Taylor, the 23 year old storytelling emcee from Lincoln NE, and the future poster child for "Rapabilly" music.

Born and raised in the working class, blue collar heart of our nation, where Country and Rock N Roll capture the hearts of most, Trev quickly became fond of both genres. From an early age, however, he had an unparalleled love for Hip Hop, which was in the midst of its first Golden Age. His father, who once was the lead singer of a regional Rock/R&B band, would play vinyl records for the pair in the garage. Trev would sing along with every Doo-wop song, dance to Rock N Roll from the 50's and beyond, and be touched by the stories that all great country songs were capable of telling. His love for all music was evident, but when he finally picked up a pen and started writing, it was Hip Hop lyrics that polluted his notebooks.

Trev's musical pursuits became no stranger to set backs… In high school it was depression, and drug abuse. After dropping out of high school, he dealt with anxiety, health issues, and all throughout his adolescence he battled anger issues which eventually led to incarceration. 2011 became the turning point. Trev parted ways with his past and took to music full time, all while maintaing various day jobs to fund his dream. That year he released his first solo EP, "Live from my parent's basement" which landed him at the forefront of a thriving local music scene.

Today his resume consists of opening for many notable acts, including Macklemore, Grieves, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Nappy Roots, Machine Gun Kelly, Radical Something, Dizzy Wright, Mike Stud, and more. His music videos not only harbor stunning visuals but have grossed over 100,000 views. His live show is quite an unforgettable experience, and his intentions of fusing elements of Rock N Roll, Hip Hop, and Country music to create what he calls "Rapabilly" just may cook up yet another new sub genre in the industry. We can get our first taste when he releases his first full length album in early 2014. Riddled with a number of tour dates being arranged in several states, this new year may not only welcome a new Golden Era in Hip Hop, but it also just may be the year many of us become rather familiar with Trev Taylor, the genres newest greaser.

Jack Flash

Aspiring rapper Jack Flash has been creating and developing his own flow and style for the last four years in the Denver area gaining inspiration from artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Flo Rida and Two Chainz. Flash’s main producer, Hemlokk, puts a fresh spin on classic beats for him to lay his lyrics and catchy hooks (that will stay in your head for days, I must say!) over. He’s taken the stage at Cervante’s Other Side, Gypsy House, Atmosphere and the Maxim Lounge. His latest project with T Mic will be dropping in the fall of 2013. Rocking the stage with YG and Yo Gotti is just the beginning of this artist’s rise to make his name known. The young rapper sees his dreams and opportunities lining up in front of him and is ready to take the game by storm.

Andrew Pike, better known as "PIKE" to the industry, is a producer, emcee and musician hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Don't let appearances deceive you, PIKE is a musical powerhouse. Though unassuming, PIKE is an incorporated musical one stop shop. What sets PIKE apart is his musical range, as well as his intricate scope and understanding of what a top notch and precisely finessed job entails. This homie operates by the slogan "never put out weak sh*t." His music and production back these words up. He has already opened up for some of Denvers heavy hitters, from Simplemen, to Prime Element and Abstract Collective, as well as national acts like Sweatshop Union. Watch out Denver, PIKE is coming for the best of! More music and info available at

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