Searching for Elliott Smith

Searching for Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith's intensely intimate songs helped popularize lo-fi, indie-rock: A traditionally underground genre until Smith's mainstream effort "Miss Misery" took Hollywood by surprise. But even after an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, he managed to fly mostly under the radar. And Smith wanted it that way. After his death in 2003, Smith's peers avoided the media. Granting very few print i...nterviews and NO on-camera interviews. Until now. From his high school days as a National Merit Scholar, to his early work in the Portland rock band, 'Heatmiser', to critical acclaim... to his mysterious death at the age of 34. We learn the dark motivations behind a musical genius. And discover how psychic pain can also produce timeless art.

"Searching for Elliott Smith is a tribute to a man who through all his shortcomings had a beautiful soul, and positively impacted friend and fan alike..." - LAist



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