Man Overboard

Consider pop punk defended. Man Overboard, the four-piece outfit out of New Jersey, have made a statement with their debut full length Real Talk that is much harder, faster, and louder than a catchy, often-quoted band mantra. While the band's previous material has been extremely enjoyable, climbing to the most coveted parts of my iTunes play counts, their latest offering is their first real spoonful of pop punk. Dual vocalists Zac Eiestenstein and Nik Bruzzese are more aggressive on Real Talk, and their vocals are paced by dirtier-sounding guitars, contributing to a more punk-influenced style. As an overwhelming initial wave of support shows, I'm in the same boat of thinking as most Man Overboard fans when I welcome the new style. It's the exact direction I was hoping this band would take, and the direction that they needed to take to back up their mantra. It's safe to say that Man Overboard have not only defended the genre, but have exceeded all expectations in the process.

"I know you're good at keeping secrets.Well I'm better at wearing them out for the world to see."

"Music is about connecting with people, and that's what we focus on more than anything else," says Transit's vocalist Joe Boynton. Natives of north shore Boston, Transit is a band that displays an arresting degree of honesty and individuality in their music. While clearly drawing inspiration from seminal groups such as Lifetime and Saves The Day, as well as the Northeast US pop-punk and hardcore scenes that all five members grew up in, Transit has swiftly evolved into a group with a more alternative, indie rock sound. "We all grew up listening to a wide variety of music, but bands like Archers of Loaf, Braid, Osker and American Football demonstrated to us that there are always refreshing ways to create a new style and feel," explains guitarist Tim Landers. Illustrating Transit's artistic evolution from one release to the next, early descriptions of the group compared them to Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and now, more recently, to bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse.

The band's prolific output is also impressive by any measure, having put out seven releases over the last four years. Transit's highly acclaimed LP, "Keep This To Yourself", released in August 2010 on Run For Cover Records, inspired Absolutepunk to rave: "Good luck keeping Transit's passionate and infectious tunes a secret. Once you hear the first chords of opener "Dear Anyone," you'll immediately go out and tell all your friends about the best pop-punk album of 2010."

Transit has toured throughout North America and overseas alongside Fireworks, Hostage Calm, Balance and Composure, Less Than Jake, Such Gold, A Loss For Words, Man Overboard, Senses Fail, The Wonder Years and many others.

Forever Came Calling

Dudes in a band, not to be confused with band dudes.
- on Pure Noise Records

Dad shorts. Taco bell. Pizza. Skateboards. JAIL.

Dear You is a rising band from Southeast Texas who thrives on delivering a diverse and distinct sound. Each member's background brings a different piece of the puzzle together. With influences ranging from 90's rock to punk to hardcore, the band's battling influences give Dear You a fresh and unique sound that can be enjoyed by music fans of any genre. Check out all of Dear You's music on and be sure to stayed tuned for a new five track EP titled "Faith, Fear and Hope" coming in early 2013.

"Rocks Like The Dangerous Summer, Valencia, Hit The Lights"
- Alternative Press

"If you're a fan of fast-paced pop-punk, don't sleep on this one."

"Without giving it all away, a lot of people can relate to the lyrics and be captured by the beat so if you’re a pop punk/rock fan then this band would certainly be suited to you. They’ve drawn me in and I’m glad I found them because I’m pretty much hooked."
-Hive Magazine

"They’re raw and they’re real; it makes every lyric turn into a story that you see inside your own head. ... As they rise their way to the top, I think this band will be the one worth keeping an eye on."

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