Jet Black Orchid, FLINTface

Jet Black Orchid

Jet Black Orchid (formerly The Cigarittes), is a 3-pc rock band of brothers out of Louisville, KY, whose music has been influenced by the sounds of the 60's and 70's with an injection of a modern flavor all their own. Their acclaimed, high energy performances keep the audience guessing and leave them with a feeling of wanting more. Being bonded not only by blood but by a rhythm that moves and keeps the drums and bass locked tight with the guitar and vocal's up front and powerful.

"You can shake my soul to the core, I'm ready for it."

Joe Scorsone, the inspirational artist also known as FLINTFACE, resides on a simple farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania, not far from the skylines of both Philly and New York. It's an idyllic home for FLINTFACE, whose musical message soulfully weaves hopeful tales of the complex paths, trials and ordeals of life, and how we as people can summon the inner strength to triumph in the face of adversity.



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