Heroes Behind The Badge "Sacrifice & Survival"

Heroes Behind The Badge

Heroes Behind The Badge - Sacrifice & Survival is a heart-wrenching true-life crime saga about the men and women of law enforcement and their selfless acts of courage under fire.Produced in partnership with Craig Floyd and the National Law Enforcement OfficersMemorial Fund, the second instalment of this powerful documentary series takes place in various corners of America and follows the stories of two officers who paid the ultimate price, as well as the stories of three severely injured officers who are now battling through the painstaking process of recovery.The film also takes viewers to New York City’s 9/11 Memorial site, where many officers perished on that fateful day in 2001, and to National Police Week in Washington, DC, where the fallen are honored each year. Directed by British Academy Award winning filmmaker Wayne Derrick, and narrated by Law & Order's Vincent D'Onofrio, this highly anticipated follow-up documentary to the original Heroes Behind The Badge film is a tribute to the heroes of law enforcement who have suffered through life-threatening injuries and are fighting their way back, and to those who are gone, but not forgotten.



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