Antique Scream

Antique Scream

.."It's destructively rowdy, and… centered in the moment." –Simon McCormack, The Alibi .... "The band's inability to hold back its collective force, even at a sparsely attended gig many bands wouldn't unpack their gear for, is equally inspiring." –Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times .... "The band has cultivated a reputation for intense, engaging live shows." –Mike R. Meyer, Phoenix New Times .... "Rutledge is a solid songwriter and a dexterous guitar player -- he focuses on infectious guitar hooks that recall ...60s psychedelic and garage grooves." –Niki D'Andrea, Phoenix New Times .... "One of my new fav's on the local front." –Jolene, KISW 99.9FM, Seattle .... "Antique Scream is so great… they are in your face sexy rock music and I love that." – Dagmar Sieglinde, Back Beat Seattle .... "We bet that in just a few years that Antique Scream will be among America's most wanted." – .... "If they're playing near you, I'd highly advise you get your ass down to see them." –Invisible Sound .... "I was entranced by an infectious set of beats, jammin' hooks and tough riffs, anchored by a fuzzy bass." –Kent Manthie .... "Antique Scream is simply great hard rock that's too catchy to be blues-based. -JR Taylor, Black&White City Paper .... "A mix of classic old school metal beats, chugging bass and hard guitar riffs, these guys are as professional as it gets and put on one hell of a show." –The Music Nerds ..

Orb Mellon Trio

Orb Mellon’s blues mines the energy of 20th Century American roots music, particularly whiskey fueled house party delta blues. Influenced by the likes of Son House, Bukka White, Charlie Patton, and Junior Kimbrough Orb Mellon performs pure, sonically aggressive original blues, free from any quaintness or historicism, prompting one reviewer to identify Orb Mellon’s work simply as “blues in all its primeval glory.”

Funky Progressive Jazz band based in Connecticut.combining the worlds of Meriden, Killingworth and Western Connecticut; Kicking it Old School and throwing it down with Monumental Force. Bringing Abstract, Funk, Jazz, Dance, Prog Music to the Forefront of Relativity. We are food. .. essential to life, cherished and worshiped nourishment for the it up.


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