Junior League Band

Junior League Band

"The Junior League Band is an old-time inspired rock band fronted by the Georgia grown banjo, vocalist, Lissy Rosemont. Based out of Washington, DC, this nationally touring band has been compared to “Alison Krauss and the Band” by the Washington Post, and touts Levon Helm’s own horn players on their catchy single “South Carolina Blues.” Rosemont has been referred to as one of the “most promising up and coming vocalists on the Americana scene” (Bristol Rythm and Roots Festival) as well as recorded in the studio her old-time banjo with acts such as Missy Elliott and the Pussy Cat Dolls. Rosemont’s family runs the oldest fiddler’s festival in the country, the Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention in Union Grove, NC. The 5 instrumentalists merge these influences with delta blues and pop rock (50’s to Indie Rock) to make for an energetic, sing-song, string heavy, danceable yet mesmerizing live performance. Expect a show ripe with catchy melodies, toe tapping beats, sweet vocals, and some of the countries most talented up and coming players." - last.fm

Described as "a modern brand of Americana" (New Yorker), Kingsley Flood draws more from the Clash than the Band. Bursting out of New England's thriving indie folk scene, the band distinguishes itself with fiery and dynamic performances; one minute, it channels a late 70s punk band exploding with energy, the next a folk act rich in four-part harmonies.

Audiences have noticed. NPR recently named the band's new single "I Don't Wanna Go Home" Song of the Day and said it has "a vintage radio feel and the momentum of a great live show." The band was named New Artist of the Year at the 2010 Boston Music Awards, and Best Roots Act in the 2010 and 2011 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll. After a feature on NPR's Weekend Edition, the band's debut album Dust Windows was number one on the Amazon.com roots-rock chart for several weeks last summer.

But Kingsley Flood's Americana isn't a world of nostalgic love songs, cabins, hollers and ’shine. Instead, frontman Naseem Khuri's lyrics take a critical and contemporary look at the American dream, with tales of ordinary people's struggles set to tongue-twisting verses and anthemic sing-along choruses.

With a sound that constantly evolves, the band pays homage to the Americana niche it occupies while never feeling bound by tradition.


Typefighter is a rock band which now resides in Washington DC. Formed in 2009 as punishment for uncooperative prisoners being held in a small prison just south of the Russian town of Vologda, Typefighter grew quite fond of their musical circumstances. Upon release (quite early despite their collective sentences), the group decided to move to the capital of USA in order to peruse their musical career. In support on their debut EP 'I Want to See You Game, Boys, I Want to See You Brave' Typefighter embarked on a full US tour in a van much bigger than the cells which they were accustomed, and made it home virtually unscathed. Unfortunately, as time went on, some of the members grew weary of their new ways and fell back into a life of crime, ultimately landing them back into that very same prison just south of Vologda. Faced with quite a dilemma, frontman Ryan McLaughlin sought the help of a psychic in order to help reestablish the band. The psychic led Ryan to the top of an unknown mountain in an unknown location, where he found, deep beneath the snow, the 2 frozen bodies of William Waikart and Thomas Orgren. Ryan strapped both to his sled and made it to the safety of a nearby cabin, where he proceeded to build a fire to help melt the ice surrounding the bodies. Once thawed, William (drums) and Thomas (guitars) proved to be valuable assets to the music of Typefighter, and wasted no time recording and releasing their 2nd release 'Fall Winter Fall'. In support for their sophomore effort, the group went on several tours, both short and long, and gathered quite a regional following in the process. Now, with the addition of male model and exotic cat enthusiast, John Scoops (bass), Typefighter has their first full length record on the horizon and couldn't be stoked.



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