Burger Boogaloo Day 2!


As the lead singer of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Ronettes, Ronnie pioneered a female daringness & performance style that did not previously exist. With their sexually-charged persona, The Ronettes were the first women in rock to do for boys in the audience what Elvis did for girls.

Shannon & the Clams AS "METALLICA"

Shannon & the Clams are from Oakland, California and comprised
of Shannon Shaw, Cody Blanchard, and Ian Amberson. Many have
said to have been possessed by their magical music containing
haunted howls & voodoo growls. It's a ride that contains both
thrills & chills so hold on tight!

After leaving the all-female LA band, The Pandoras, in the '80s, Kim Shattuck switched over to guitar and formed the Muffs in 1991 with bassist Ronnie Barnett. Most recently they picked up drummer extraordinaire Roy MacDonald, from Redd Kross, who completes this high energy power trio!

Juan Wauters

In 2000, Alberto Wauters left Uruguay to live in a basement in Queens. Two years later he called his son, Juan, to join him. Working at a factory, and with no friends to speak of, Juan turned to music. With his debut Wauters dreams big, sings rad, and films some pretty cool music videos to accompany.

La Sera is the brand new project of Katy Goodman. She has released two full length albums on Hardly Art Records delivering a one-two punch, a rip of rolling snare that sends listeners off in a speeding fast rollercoaster car of excitement! The music is sometimes aggressive; almost a soundtrack to a lost drive-in movie classic.

Chad & The Meatbodies

The perfect date? For Chad? It's really simple. We're in the desert or the mountains. And we get along & have great conversations. We're blasting music & we like the same music. The things we would listen to most would be Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath & Love. That's pretty much all I need.

Danny James

Last year's Pear, the latest from soul/garage/pop genius Danny James, is a prime example just how fruitful genre schizophrenia can be. Lying somewhere between Joe Jackson, The Brothers Johnson and The Move, James surprises the listener at every turn with his versatility and pop sensibility.

Summer Twins

Summer Twins are sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown. They write dreampop and rock 'n roll songs. They formed in 2008 with a focus on singing pop harmonies atop garage rock inspired by the '50s and '60s. Now in their early twenties, Summer Twins play live with Michael Rey on bass. They are signed to Burger Records.

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