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Mikal kHill is a emcee, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for being the founding member of the hiphop collective and live band The ThoughtCriminals. His debut solo album, "This is Not an Entrance" explores the space between hiphop, folk and industrial music without ever losing focus on densely packed rhymes, hard drums and dope melodies. Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin House Mixtape with Adam WarRock. Reader's Digest "Producer of the Year" 2011. kHing kHoopa, the Dragonborn MC.

Sean Church (AKA Sulfur) is a MC, producer, instrumentalist from Charlotte, NC.� He was born in the wilds and raised by rabid wolves.� He developed the ability to move things with his mind after ingesting water for several years that had been tainted by radioactive waste from the nearby Nuclear Power Plant.� He speaks 145 languages, plays 38 different instruments, spent several years as a mercenary and, despite being vegan, insists on eating the bodies of any humans he murders.


Teenburger came together with Tim Wallace (Timbuktu), Darren Pyper (Ghettosocks) The initials TB were used due to the bands love for the UK hardcore band, The Beatles.... The name "Burger" stands for "Boys Undergoing Rigorous Genius Exposés Regularily," but this was an afterthought once the band's name was already Teenburger, according to Ghettosocks and Timbuktu. Their first gig was at John Berry's house on Adam Yauch's 17th birthday. Since that gig, the quartet have been assigned aliases within the group: Timbuktu is Clay Hamilton, Ghettosocks is Cappello Feldman, and is Kate Schellenbach is Lisa.

Clay Hamilton a.k.a. Stashius Clay (Timbuktu) is a senior who appears to have it made. He is looking forward to summer vacation and almost has his car paid off. He is popular, in large part because of his part-time job at a burger joint where his girlfriend, Lisa (Kate Schellenbach), also works. Clay is obsessing about how to end his long-time relationship with Lisa so he can play the field during his senior year. However, he is fired from the burger joint for insulting a customer, and when he tries to tell Lisa how much he needs her at a school rally before a big football game, Lisa tells Clay that she is dumping him to see other guys. Clay quits his next job because of the humiliation of having to wear a pirate costume when delivering food. He gets a third job at a convenience store, where he successfully thwarts an attempted robbery and is promoted to store manager.

As the album begins, high school senior Cappello Feldman (Ghettosocks) fights a bout of depression by deciding to face his problems and attend the last day of school on a nice spring day. He encourages his pessimistic best friends, Clay (Timbuktu) to do the same so that they can fully appreciate the upcoming summer break. Capello persuades Ron to let them use his father's VW to travel to school, and eventually around town. The rest of the school and many residents learn of Capello's depression and offer donations to help "Save Capello."

The strict teacher, Mrs. Chung, has no patience with Pompei's carefree attitude and especially not with Pompei's wasting of class time. Finally, on the evening of the graduation dance, Mrs. Chung shows up at Pompei's house and informs him that since he has wasted eight hours of class time over the past year, Mrs. Chung intends to make up for that time now. They proceed to have a one-on-one tutoring session that lasts until Mrs. Chung is satisfied that Pompei has understood the lesson. Outside of class, Pompei wrecks a car belonging to the highschool's star football player Jeff Charleston (El Da Sensei). To avoid being beaten up, Pompei puts the car on the highschool's front lawn and paints the car with slurs supposedly written by a rival high school, Lincoln. An epilogue reveals that Pompei saves Brooke Shields from drowning and then blows the reward money hiring LL Cool J to play at his birthday party. Mrs. Chung is left to believe everyone is on dope.

Lisa (Kate Schellenbach) is worried that she's not attractive or experienced enough to meet let alone keep any guys. While working at the mall she meets a 26-year-old stereo salesman who asks her out. She sneaks out to meet him and they have sex at a local make-out place. She reveals the loss of her virginity to Linda who assures her that it will hurt less as she does it more.

Stranger Day

It's safe to say that very few emcees out can boast as wide a range of influences as Shane Coble aka Stranger Day, the genre-bending lyricist and self-described party purveyor hailing from Charlotte, NC.

On October 30, 2012, Stranger Day will release his latest eclectic project Vice Matters, offering his growing fan base a large dose of well-versed musical tastes and honest personality.

"A lot of people feel the need to front and put on a lifestyle they don't live. For my project Vice Matters, I want the listener to relate and have some sort of emotional connection," Stranger Day explains. "I don't want to preach what I don't know. I'm just doing me and everything I say is real to my life and the people around me."

Noting Nirvana, Outkast, Cash Money Millionaires, and Company Flow as major influences and drawing inspiration from nearly all sub-genres of Rap and Rock, Stranger Day's no-holds-barred approach to songwriting served him well in creating a buzz from his Young, Dumb & Dope mixtape and his first cohesive project Barstool Bounce.

Featuring noteworthy production by Mad Decent's DJA and Philly tastemaker EMYND, Stranger Day's recent project Barstool Bounce included the standout record "Not Playin" and the accompanying visual, which was featured on MTVU, fuse.tv, AOL music, and in-store programming for Harley Davidson dealerships.

On Vice Matters, Stranger Day further displays his penchant for selecting unique beats and varying the sound throughout the entire project. From the slow-cooked, Tom Petty-inspired "Lucky" to the anthemic "Southern Drawl" or the unflinching "Barely Notice You", every track paints a different feel atop a different landscape.

"I want people to feel they can relate and this is some everyday life rap shit. And it's cool to just be you and live whatever life you are about," Stranger Day explains.

Combining years of hard work with an "squeeze the most out of life" philosophy, Stranger Day and his rambunctious crew Permanent Vacation continue to scour the social scene for the livest functions, promoting Vice Matters and downing plenty of whiskey in the process.

"At the end of the day, what I want people to take away from Vice Matters is a feeling that they know me as a person and not a "rapper"- and hopefully they want to party with me and my posse because we are a bunch of wild motherfuckers."

A true vice lord indeed, it is only a short matter of time before Stranger Day permanently saturates the airwaves with his unique brand of realism and revelry.

Stranger Day has shared the stage with artist such as: Yelawolf, Skrillex, Curren$y, Mac Miller, Cool kids, Little Brother, Wiz Khalifa, Bubba Sparxxx, Stalley, Rittz, Deathface, G- Eazy, Brother Reade, Rye Rye and several others as well as participating in showcases such as CMJ and A3C. Stranger Day has had BBC Radio 1 airplay as well Sirius/Xm radio.

MC Stealth (aka Blak Angel)

Born and raised in the South, MC Stealth uses her southern roots to make a combo of blues, hip-hop, and folk rock fusion, and will capture your heart with her honest energy and love for making music.

Keyza Soulsay

Since 2007, Keyza Soulsay has been ripping local open mics and stages with his style of clever lyricism and energetic presence as an emcee. His evolution of old school boom-bap mixed with lyrical substance keeps the heads nodding and minds thinking long after one of his performances. You can usually find him in a cypher or in the studio perfecting his craft of being an emcee.

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