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Audio Hitmen

Audio Hitmen is an all-star cast of characters from the likes of Recoil, Damn Dirty Apes, 5 Monkey Fury and Social Deviants. Unlike most cover bands, they don't play every over-played song you hear on the radio 15 times a day. The Hitmen have taken time to carefully select songs most people know but forgot how awesome they are! Even taking some old classics and rockin' them up a bit. Suffice it to say, bring your dancin' shoes and air guitars. You'll want to do both when you spend an evening with Audio Hitmen!

Standout Story

Fresh off a victory earning the title “Indy’s NextUp”, Standout Story is capturing audiences now more than ever. They were awarded an opportunity to open for 30 Seconds to Mars on their Love, Lust, Faith, Dreams tour. Standout Story also shared the stage with Blue October at the Egyptian Room at the Old National Centre.

Going into 2014, the band’s third year together, they continue to make a name for themselves every time they play. Standout Story has taken these last few years by storm playing venues such as the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, Vogue Theatre, 8 Seconds Saloon, The Bluebird, and the Deluxe Room at the Old National Centre.

Despite recent lineup changes, Standout Story just finished up their second EP “Let Me Go” with Alan Johnson at Static Shack Studios in Indianapolis, IN. This EP introduces a whole new level of songwriting with songs like Let Me Go, Angel Inside and Mr. Prescott, as well as a more edgy sound with songs like How Long Before You Fall and Careful What You Wish For.

“2014 is going to be a big year for us. We have a new lineup, new songs and a new show. We have already started writing songs with our new drummer and can’t wait for the fans to hear them. We are more focused and excited as we’ve ever been.” – Josh Hurt, guitarist.

Come see Standout Story for yourselves this year and see what everyone is talking about. Also be sure to check out the band’s new release “Let Me Go” available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online stores.

Self Addicted

During late 2012 after frontman, Keith Bowles band '5 Day Trip' decided to part ways, he partnered up with heavy hitting drummer Joe W to begin a brand new project named 'Self Addicted'. While writing new material they took on the task of auditioning rhythm guitars and bass. After months of auditions they had finally made their decision on two of the most talented the region had to offer. Beginning with the extemely talented hellraiser..Rick, Rhythm guitar, and soon after Bass phenom, Adam. Mid Summer (2013) the newly formed four piece caught the eyes and ears of A&R label Rep Billy 'The Kid' Phillips and are being groomed while performing local, regional, and higher profile shows such as supporting national acts that tour through the seven state region. With growling, melodic vocals and music that will satisfy your senses these guys are the "real deal". August 2013 Self Addicted members made the tough decision to part ways with rhythm guitarist Rick and are, at least for now, performing as a three piece act. Currently the hard rocking trio have released their single 'Purge' as of mid October 2013 that helped rocket them to the top 10 in the Rock genre on Reverbnation with thousands of plays to date. Feburary 2014 Self Addicted is recording and shooting a video for their much anticipated follow up single "Raging Within".


Crambone was basically born when members of Prank Monkey were asked to play some 'low key' weeknights at a local club. Some members were available, some were not, but the boys decided to give it a go anyways and leave it as an open door policy. Whoever can show up on any given night (friends and fellow musicians included) were welcome to sit in & grab an instrument or mic.
They figured they'd separate themselves from their 'real' band, by mixing it up and doing different acoustic material that just didn't fit in the confines of their other band. Old acoustic classics like "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" "Horse With No Name" and "Eight Days A Week" while also retaining their 80's & 90's roots with material from bands like Alice In Chains, Tesla, Pearl Jam and yes, even Poison.
Come check out Crambone... Like Forest says.. "You never know what you're gonna get."


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