Lounge Act: A Tribute to Nirvana

Lounge Act: A Tribute to Nirvana

Based in northern New Jersey, Lounge Act was formed in the Fall of 2010 out of not only our need to play music, but to play music that we love and has always been a major part of our lives (and have fun doing it!). As a tribute to Kurt, Krist, and Dave (Nirvana) - Lounge Act does not only focus mainly on the 'poppier' singles that most of the general public remember Nirvana for.... but rather the deeper tracks into the Nirvana catalog that we feel true fans would love to actually have the chance to hear live!
Lounge Act aims to bring a live Nirvana show to those fans that either may have been too young, or just didn't have the chance to see possibly the most influential band of our lives, NIRVANA.

The STP Show

The STP SHOW is a tribute to the music and live performance of Stone Temple Pilots.
The STP Show is much more than just a cover band playing STP songs. They are a full on tribute band, that over the course of a 2 hour live performance will completely simulate a Stone Temple Pilots live concert experience, leaving crowds believing they just witnessed an actual Stone Temple Pilots concert.

Dan Plays Dave

Dan Melnick, is the lead singer and primary songwriter for Brooklyn based Alt-Rock/Jam Rock denizens Buy The Sky. On Saturday, April 5th at Parkside Lounge, he will be performing solo, as part of a tribute night to some of the 90s best acts. Dan will be performing the music of one of the 90s most enduring acts, Dave Matthew Band, and will be followed by tributes to Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. Make sure get in on the nostalgia!



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