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Heckler Magazine

The Space Cowboys

The Space Cowboys are a San Francisco based collective that began its exploration of the cosmos over a decade ago, as a diverse group of talented individuals who came together in the pursuit of the creation of unique entertainment events, mechanical contraptions, and art projects. The group consists of members from all walks of life and vocations – engineers, doctors, programmers, massage therapists, designers, architects, nurses, video editors, producers, corporate executives, animators, and financial advisers. Mostly in their thirties, Cowboys reside not only in San Francisco, but Los Angeles, Sacramento, and even Laos. The collective serves as an outlet for the members and their friends and family to creatively and socially express themselves beyond their “day jobs”.

Silent Frisco is a crew of San Francisco sonic missionaries dedicated to turning impossible situations into musical magic. We specialize in enabling performances in public spaces where "noise" has previously made such performances impractical or illegal. By using our custom "Silent Frisco" wireless headphones, the music can play while neighbors enjoy peace and quiet. Once one removes “noise” from the equation, public music gatherings can be seen for what they truly are : an unalienable civil right.

We are based in San Francisco but have traveled far and wide to bring this unique performance technology to happy listeners. Among the events that either Silent Frisco, or our founder Robbie "MoPo" Kowal have performed at are Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Treasure Island Music Festival, Camp Bisco, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Gathering of the Vibes, Sea of Dreams NYE, and Ghost Ship Halloween. We’ve put music on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Miami Beach in Florida, and Town Beach in Bridgeport Connecticut. We helped to Revive legendary outdoor artspaces the Silo in Houston and Austin Enchanted Forest. In 2010, Silent Frisco conceieved and executed the "Silent Soundclash Tour" the nation's first Silent Disco club tour. Show us a place where “music Is not allowed” and we will show you how to get make it happen.

Bass Heavy

Bringing the good people of Lake Tahoe a wide variety of quality vibes and good music!

DJ J-Boogie

Taking care of business worldwide and hailing from SF, J-Boogie is the man to call when the party needs that special sauce. Long recognized as one of the hardest working and most soulful DJs/producers in the Bay, J-Boogie takes his musical paths to the next level with his signature blend of dub, soul, hip-hop, dancehall, funk, latin, afrobeat and house, creating a spicy musical gumbo. This mix master always brings the flavor to the tables, so lean back, relax your mind and have a bite of some tasty treats.

Recording and performing with his band Dubtronic Science, J-Boogie brings the next dimension to his turntable sets by incorporating live musicians onstage including sitar, tablas, flute, sax, drums, percussion, and vocals

Keith Harris (a.k.a. Deckard) starting DJ-ing in 2000, at venues and clubs in Seattle and Canada. He moved to San Francisco in 2005 where his skills and talent evolved earning him accolades in the underground music scene becoming crew with Space Cowboys. Mixing together a blend of music selection including, but certainly not limited to breakbeat, nu funk, and house, Deckard keeps crowds on their feet and moving backed by his unique sound and ability to mix genres.

Chip “Mancub” Corwin has been voted as a top ten dj of San Francisco. He has been blowing up the block party jams for over ten years. Mancub has a very diffinitive style of turntable tricks that have earned him slots beside some of the dance industry’s biggest headliners. His turntable antics are too numerous to mention but include scratching while wearing boxing gloves, he certainly knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy!!You can hear his mixes on the internet radio station, or The netamp show is aired on the last Wednesday of the month or archived. Mancub also plays for the infamous playa posse The Space Cowboys, ripping up a rare storm on the mighty Unimog at numerous unforgettable party’s. Mancub has recently joined Sleevin records and is supporting us in a big way

Repping Faction Sound Crew and leading online Caribbean lifestyle magazine, Deejay Theory continues to push the DJ / producer role forward in his homebase of San Francisco, CA and throughout the world. Creating music all his life and now a key player in the explosive tropical bass movement, Theory has a natural strength for flipping a broad range of material, putting his signature touch on everything from Busy Signal to Alex Clare to Santana. Think dancehall meets dance music, bass meets soul, turntablism meets club, tropical disco meets the pool, a nd we're literally just getting warm.

Years of dedication and passion brought Theory to where he is today, and the love and labor shows. S upport has been massive with a schedule of US and international bookings and some of the top DJ's, producers and tastemakers in the industry sharing Theory's work on global airwaves, stages and blogs. Day in and day out, from the studio to the club, you know you're getting strictly quality from this dude every time, and although you're never really sure what to expect, the product, skills and devotion remain the same...and the people are ready for more.

Kapt'n Kirk

Space Cowboys

Matt Haze is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, covered in stylish facial hair. One of the most forward- thinking DJs emerging from the San Francisco scene, Haze is a treasure trove of musical versatility. Rubbing the decks with a marinade of cutting edge beats and old school vibes, Haze is difficult to classify, but impossible to resist. He is best known for his work with SF’s Slayers Club collective, dropping his crazily eclectic kitchen sink sets wherever the spirit carries him and the bassbins follow.

Zeb Early is a Memphis-born, California-based DJ/Producer/Musician/Emcee who brings uplifting vibes to any audience or project. Rooted in funk & soul music with a deep understanding of bass-heavy Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop and Dubstep; there's is no pinning this guy down.
He fronts the legendary 70's throwback group Mama's Cookin' and The Meters Tribute band Funky Miracle, and is also lead guitarist for Peter Joseph Burtt & The King Tide.
As of late Early has been focusing on studio production with a slew of artists and was recently featured on Love & Light's latest record "Intergalactic Booty Activation".
His DJ Set is a mix of originals and personal favorites with focus on melodic bass lines, analog synths and heavy 808 kicks. Heavily influenced by Memphis style Crunk hip-hop such as Three Six Mafia and 8 Ball & MJG, most of Early's tracks have a certain southern, trunk smashing quality he grew up hearing. Add some reggae acapellas, creative mixes and blends, samples, effects, rock & roll sensibility with classic R&B and you get an idea of what the dudes going for.
As of recent Zeb has shared the stage w/ acts like Mimosa, Jansten, David Starfire, Salva, B. Bravo, Heyoka, Vibesquad, Ana Sia, Nit Grit, Bogl, RD, Chris B. Deekline, Star Eyes, Love & Light.
Early weaves in and out of styles with smiles and grace. Whether dropping old-school 45's or bangin club crushers, Zeb always delivers the swagger and it's always rooted in feel good music. Catch him solo, with Lo-Fi 13 or Bass Heavy DJ's.

Aaron has been a professional DJ for 13 years. He has played at almost every venue in San Francisco, for a wide range of promoters and crews. He was the first resident DJ and music manager for the infamous Deep End at Burning Man. His gigs have taken him to New York, Miami and Chicago, Brazil, the Caribbean and Ibiza. As a member of the Space Cowboys, he can often be found playing at such parties as the Ghost Ship, SnowFest and the infamous Breakfast of Champions.

Dj Or “Alarm” Tregger has been spinning records for over 20 years, growing up on NYC Radio in the 90′s. Alarm has performed in venues across the Globe (NYC, LA, SF, UK, TLV, DE, PL) including performances on the same stage with De La Soul, Missy Elliot, Shaggy, 50 Cent, Beatnuts, Cut Chemist, Roc Raida (RIP) , Dj Vadim and Mix Master Mike. Provided musical services for Redbull, Vestax, Heineken, Revlon & Motorola. A diverse party rocker, you can find Alarm spinning Hip-Hop & Reggae Classics on a Friday Night, Funk & Disco sets on a Saturday afternoon and making your Grandmother 2-Step on a Sunday. With ultra clean mixing and superior scratching technique, Alarm was the two time “Dj Of The Year ” in Israel and hosted the #1 rated urban radio show “Ha’Connection” in Tel-Aviv for over 7 years.

Subtropixx is a duo based out of Lake Tahoe, Ca. Their music has been inspired by the current Tropical Bass, Moombahton, and Trap movements. Formed in 2012, Shane Suffriti & Gurbtron (Bass Heavy Crew) have had their music played coast to coast on various radio stations from Truckee, CA, to Miami, FL. They have also been gaining support from world class producers such as Munchi, Luminox, TWRK, and DJ Melo.

Most recently their "Yaow" remix has been featured on Muevelo's latest compilation "Trapical", alongside 2Deep & Cratesz. It has been featured on leading blogs including, Mad Decent and Tropical Bass. In addition, their "En El Aire" EP is set to be released this summer on Everybody Records.

Brad Robinson

Brad is one of the founding DJs of Space Cowboy party sound. Party pleasing beats with a mixture of house, funky breaks and sneak-up-on-you salsa. Brad makes the girls dance, and you can figure out what happens next,.

I play anything with a heavy bass line to move YOU

Angels of Bass, Space Cowboys, Wild Feather

Putting the OO's in hOOuse music!!!

Space Cowboys

DJ Phleck has been a fixture in the San Francisco music scene for well over a decade. A Bay Area native and a true master of his craft Phleck brings thoughtful selection, precise technical mixing and an undeniable vibe to every set he plays. Alongside his Janky Barge family, Phleck is also known for being one of the founding DJs and organizers of the now nationally recognized & multi-city event known as Motown on Mondays (M.O.M.).


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Take part, get down and throw your bottoms up at the 2nd annual Mardi Squaw party at Squaw Valley USA on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Mardi Gras attire is encouraged - the more elaborate your costume, the more beads we'll toss your way! The legendary Squaw Valley Olympic House will be transformed it into a steamy, French Quarter tavern, complete with Mardi Gras beads, hurricanes, dancers, art, and the booty-movin' grooves of local and bay area DJ’s. Every room of the house will be pumping with Second Line flair as we import some of San Francisco’s finest turntable technicians. DJ talent with by a crushing combination of Tahoe’s Locals, Burning Man stars from the Space Cowboy camp, and Sunset’s San Francisco heros. Professional boarders and skiers will be in the crowd, showing their love to the Mardi Squaw massive and for event sponsors. Also making its way for to Tahoe will be SF's legendary Silent Frisco sound system.

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