Foothills Gutfest 2014


Incinerate was spawned from the depths of hell during the early summer months of 98'. With one song written, and the name Incinerate, guitarist Scott Ellingboe quickly recruited Randy Grolemund on drums. Shortly after, Jesse Watson joined the band as the vocalist. And finally, after nearly a year of searching, they found bassist Mike Presley.

After completing their line-up, the band wasted no time, and started playing many local shows with such national acts as Broken Hope, Fleshgrind, Skinless, and Incantation. In February, 2000, they released their first long and short sleeve shirts. Also in February, 2000, the band recorded their first promotional multimedia CD and was able to push over 650 copies at the 2nd annual March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey, the 14th annual Milwaukee Metalfest, as well as throughout shows in their hometown. The CD was recorded and mixed by Randy Grolemund, and the entire project was produced by Incinerate. The self titled CD included three songs, and two videos that were taken from one of their previous shows.

After Randy Grolemund left the band, drummer Tom Olmsted took over. Unfortunately, due to a total lack of dedication, Tom left the band after only two shows. Incinerate went for a year and a half, unable to find a solid drummer that could match their brutality. These were dark times for the band. But now original drummer Randy Grolemund is back as Incinerate's drummer.

Incinerate just signed to the brutal death metal label Brutal Bands, and they just unleashed their long awaited full length debut CD entitled "Dissecting The Angels". This CD contains 10 crushing tracks of pure twisted sickness. Along with their new CD, they have new shirt designs and stickers.

Now Incinerate plans to promote their debut album with shows throughout the US. They will also begin writing their second album, with a late 2003--early 2004 tentative release date.


Death metal from Topeka Kansas

clint applehanz-guitars,vocals
King James-drums
tony reust-vocals
jeremy turner-guitar,vocals
derek engemann, bass

The utter brutality of UNMERCIFUL was founded in 2001 in a cramped, 8 foot by 8 foot room of a shoe box house in the boonies of Topeka, KS. James King (frustrated guitarist) and Clint Appelhanz (fresh out of recording engineering school) took a journey to a music store to invest in some gear for recording. The gruesome twosome anointed themselves with the name "Anal Maggot". With indispensable recording access and relentless determination, the two began to evolve into an inexorable force. Recognizing the need for a full band (and a name change), Clint and James began auditioning various musicians and changed the name to UNMERCIFUL, but could not find a stable lineup. Thus, the band temporarily disbanded in 2002 when Clint re-joined ORIGIN (after the departure of Jeremy Turner). Meanwhile, James had found a lineup with Jamie and Nate Serrano and Brian "Big B" Owensby. After Origin was finished touring, Clint re-joined the "new" UNMERCIFUL and recorded the demo "Weed Out the Weak". Yet again, the lineup disbanded and were replaced by Jeremy Turner (who, since the departure with Origin, had been with CANNIBAL CORPSE as a touring guitarist), and SICK up-and-comer Tony Reust on vocals. UNMERCIFUL is in the midst of recording a full length album of inevitable destruction, set out to lay waste to all. UNMERCIFUL is also looking for a permanent bassist with inexplicable skill and professional manner. Serious inquiries only. Look for a special appearance by at least one person on this recording, tentatively titled "Unspeakable Acts"!

Corpsefucking Art

Extremely Rotten

Extremely Rotten formed in 2009 by Juan Campo on drums, Jim Greco (wurgarg) on guitar, and Mario Antolines on vocals, after 2 months Mario had to leave and Franz Huffman joined on vocals, 4 months later the self titled demo was recorded and self released and was distributed by sevared records, with Jim Ross on studio guitars, the band played several shows all over florida, in 2010 Franz left the band and was replaced by Chris Gaines also Chris Mason joined on guitars, the band kept working on the writing process for their full length, and toured the east coast from florida to NYC and in mid 2011 , Mike Shaw joined on guitars and Cliff Newkirk on bass, the band played several shows and played the goregrowlers ball 2011 with Shawn Whitaker(viral load) filling in on vocals, after that performance the band got asked to play las vegas death fest 2012 and got signed to Show No Mercy records, in 2012 the band toured the summer from florida to las vegas, shortly after Michael Pinkard joined the band, in august 2012 the band entered the studio and recorded their first full length "grotesque acts of humanity" and for the album Both Jim Greco and Jim Ross recorded the guitars, Mike Shaw the bass, Michael Pinkard recorded the vocals and Juan on drums, the album was mastered by James Murphy(Death, Testament, Obituary) and was released february 8 2013 now the line up stands with Mike Shaw on guitars, Juan on drums and Michael on vocals, the band is writing their second album and will be on tour stating fall 2013!.

Sadistic Butchering

Brutal 1 man death metal from Houston Tx

Vomit God

Vomit God is a brutal death metal band originated from Denver, Colorado. Otto Larson started the band by writing guitar riffs on a head full of Suffocation, Immolation, Obituary, Testament etc. Already playing guitar in a few local bands, he didn't consider pursuing Vomit God any further than a CD he compiled in his basement. However it was obvious after “Inverted” was completed, that he had underestimated his own talent when fellow metal heads and musicians kept asking for copy after copy. Within a year tracks from the CD were played on 9 different underground radio stations, totaling a whopping 3700 different times. Otto was determined to take his project further, hoping it would outgrow some of the bands he had played in previously, and continued to release a few more tracks and spread them across the internet. Winding up on 2 split CD's, 9 compilations and selling “Inverted” out of print (500 copies) his hard work was beginning to pay off, and deserved recognition was beginning to buzz.
Although many artists play shows as a singular act: playing guitar and grunting their vocals in front of roaring drum samples; this was not the direction Otto wanted for Vomit God. Instead, he gathered a couple of talented musicians and asked them to fill in as live instrumentalists while the band went on tour. So in 2011 Vomit God went on tour with the European bands Vulvectomy, Exhumer and Modus Delicti. As soon as the tour ended the fill-in musicians left to their other bands, with the exception of Michael Nolan (drums) who decided to make Vomit God his new home. Immediately they searched out for permanent members and wound up recruiting Jeff Wells (vocals) and Matt Hrdlicka (guitar) as the final additions to their permanent line-up. Within a year Vomit God wrote all new tracks and focused their energy into a new album and a mid summer tour. This time, they decided to accompany another bundle of European bands: Carnal Decay (Switzerland/Germany), Coprophiliac (Italy) and Devour The Unborn (Italy/Texas).
Vomit God has played several festivals including Las Vegas Death Fest, Milwaukee and Minnesota Murderfest with acts as large as Disgorge, Malignancy, Cerebral Bore, Guttural Secrete etc. and accumulated several endorsements including Blakhart Guitars, Dunlop Picks and Vader Cabinets. Also the CD “Exuding Anal Pustule of Society” is to be released soon and another tour with even larger acts is in the works.

Spattered Entrails

tarted in 2004 by Mike O'Hara as a one man band. Has undergone many changes including line up changes. Now with Matt Owen as a backing guitarist and having played the first gig with Aborted in mid 2012, Splattered Entrails is looking to play plenty more shows, so please get in touch!!


©2004-2013 Splattered Entrails. All Rights Reserved.
Brutal, devastating and epic death metal from Long Island, NY. Drum-machine software is currently being used, but if there are any drummers on Long Island that would be interested in playing live, please contact me @, with the subject: ATTN: DRUMS.

Stages Of Decomposition

Los Angels Brutal Slamming Death Metal.


arch 2013 "Remnants" the first EP release
Recorded John Haddad of Trench Studios
Artwork from Tom Bates.

Insentient is a blackened death metal band formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Leslie Medina. Insentient current members are : Leslie Medina - Guitars/Vocals, Kimberly Orellana - Guitars/Vocals, Randy Escobedo - Bass, and James Coppolino on drums.

The bands style has drawn comparisons to bands like Death, Dissection, Hypocrisy, and Necrophobic, to name a few. Expect to hear some melodic guitar riffs, guttural vocals, intense blast beats, with a touch of shred guitar.

What to expect when you listen to INSENTIENT:

"The band's amazing riffs and song structure is what really sucks you in..."
- Zack Dusedau, METAL UNDERGROUND (May 06, 2013)

"...stunning technical and clear riffs set within well-spaced harmonies. " William’s abundant riff on bass adds additional command to the music. And let’s not forget James’ drumming, holding the rhythm and promulgating the steady sound by pounding well-defined percussions.""... you are sent reeling, met head-on with a full blast from the entire band. Frantic, galloping drums and bass burst into a racing melody filled with pulsing riffs. The evil growling carries you places within your mind; with its entrancing allure..."
- Sigrid Ragnörack, Metal Wizard (Apr 17, 2013)

" INSENTIENT Rising to The Top of The Los Angeles Underground Decimating and Sonically Captivating all with their Sheer Merciless Brutality and Straight In Your Face Terroristic Oraganic Musicianship that will Literally Blow Your Head AWAY! Demonstrating Yet Again why INSENTIENT Reigns Supreme in The Los Angeles Underground! " REMNANTS" is a DEFINITE MUST! Jimmy Cabbs
- Jimmy Cabbs, KNAC (Apr 01, 2013)

"... this band is a refreshing blast of old school stylings. Insentient features two female members, both on guitar, and it would be a mistake to underestimate this group because of that simple fact.... the atmosphere they’ve created an epic feel as well. Together they blend skull-crushing thrash riffs with slower, clean breaks that act as a quick breath of air before being submerged back under the tidal wave of high-gain guitars. What had initially caught my attention was actually William on bass.William powers behind the break-neck fast riffs with ease, adding a significant amount of punch to this already thunderous sound." " you are blasted square in the face with a viscous riff paired with the chaotic stampede of bass..."
- Dallas Luckey, The Metal Review (Apr 04, 2013)

Amputated Genitals

Label: Gore and Blood Productions 2005

1. Chessman Red Monday
2. Geriatric Blood Storm
3. Vaginal Skin Grind Vomit
4. Indigested with Human Heads
5. Garavito Attacks Again
6. Charred Neighborhood
7. Elias Bullets and Brain
8. Rites of Brutality


Daniel Paz Guitars, Bass
Beto "Drunks" Martínez Drums
Sebastián Guarín Vocals

CD Family Bloodbath

Label: Gore and Blood Productions 2009

1. Sexual Experiences with Animals and My Mother's Cadaver
2. The Butcher's Kindergarten
3. Severe Renal Infection
4. Bloody Justice
5. Stepfather Child Molester
6. Murder Kit
7. My Father in Law Who Defecated Himself to Death
8. Pathological Anger


Daniel Paz Guitars, Bass
Beto "Drunks" Martínez Drums
Sebastián Guarín Vocals

Desecrated The Faith

formed in March 2012, Desecrate the Faith is a Brutal tech death and Slam band, quickly establishing themselves as en elite band in Houston.

Eminent Terror

Eminent Terror started in February 2010 by Joe Chapman and Moose Archer. In need of a guitar player, they enlisted Jake Games days later. Then on Monday September 27th, it was announced that Jake Miller would join and play guitar. Also Quinn Webster would fill on bass. Later Joe drifted from the band due to personal issues. In March 2012, Quinn and Jake Miller left due to musical differences. A few months later John Hamerly and Jake Dopler from Shrapnel Reign filled in for Quinn and Jake Miller. John on bass and Jake on guitar. On August sixteenth of 2012, Gutwrencher joined the band. Later in the year Jake Dopler had to leave the band for personal issues. John was then moved to guitarist and they picked up Giselle Herzfeld as the new bassist. In June 2013 the band signed with Pagan Pride Records.

Leperous Divinity

Death Metal band from California

Servile Conceptions

Harvest the Murdered

HTM is a progressive metal project featuring a few of the remaining members of Denver local bands Apocalyptic Harvest and Mentally Murdered. With the addition of a few explosive new recruits, combining seperate yet similar band styles to create a force which has yet to be harnessed and unleashed. Incorporating everything from the sickest death, grind and hardcore elements, to traces of blues rock and dark melodic classical guitars. Currently preparing to take to the battlefields with the reinforcements of a crushing new drummer and brutal new bassist, soon to be followed by the recording of a 8-10 song full length CD, they are ferociously striving to bring a new bloodstained edge to the Metal/Grind/Underground community which has proudly stayed strong in Colorado for nearly two decades.

Hailing from Colorado, US, NEXHYMN is a female-fronted death metal band born from the ashes of Throcult in 2010.

The name itself is derived by a combination of the Latin word Nex, defined as death, violent nature, and slaughter. The word Hymn, which is a simple song of praise.

Their debut album "Black Horizon" combines merciless fierce, and reminiscences the best elements of old and new death metal sound, taking the listener on a vicarious visitation with diverse accounts of unexpected ruthless brutality.

Recorded at Firestorm studios and mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio, "Black Horizon" is delivered with unique brutal female death metal vocals, punishing guitar riffs and impending technical drumming.
NEXHYMN current line up is left to right:

Tyler Cantrell – Bass
Rudy Hernandez - Guitar
Holly Wedel - Vocals
Ivan Alcala - Guitar
Pete Gonzales - Drums

This implacable recording stops at nothing in its relentless pursuit of pure rapacious fierce.

Forged in Gore

Forged in Gore was created by drummer Dan Baker, guitarist Dylan Gordon, and bassist/vokillist Dave Winkler in March 2010 with the intentions of bringing Brutal Death Metal to an area in Florida saturated with metalcore. In October of 2010, after our first show, Dave decided to leave the band to play quarterback for the Pittsburgh Pirates. After his departure the band continued writing songs for their upcoming CD. After the first two years rotting in the stagnant Florida scene, Dylan and Dan moved to the Death Metal Mecca, Cleveland Ohio. With the move came new members Brian Gorefiend and Bob Limbsplitter and also their brutality.

The Xyphoid Process

Putrid Pile

In late 1995, Shaun LaCanne joined Numskull and had a 5 year reign of terror with the likes of Tom Bradner (Guitar), Paul Benigno (Vocals), Mike Eisenhauer (Bass), and Scott Creekmore (Drums). We went through a couple of lineup changes introducing Mark Page (Bass), and later Ryan Schaefer (Bass). Due to some circumstances beyond anyone's control, Numskull split up. Hence the birth of Putrid Pile. Frustrated with Numskull's breakup, i, (Shaun) had to press on and be a part of the sickness that is the underground! Knowing already what I wanted, I immediately picked up a drum machine and started writing intense, sick and twisted guttural death metal. By the end of 2000, Putrid Pile had enough material for a 5-song demo. Early in 2001, Putrid Pile went to Mercenary Digital Studios to record the demo and entitled it "Bleed For Me". The first time it was ever released into public hands was at Milwaukee Metalfest 2001. It received a great response from the people who received a copy. Shortly afterwards Putrid Pile concentrated on live shows and getting as much publicity as possible. Putrid Pile continued to play gigs mercilessly and whore out free "Bleed For Me" demos to anyone who would take one in the US and around the world. The demo received many awesome reviews and continued to get a great response in the underground from bands, zines, webzines, radio stations and fans. The shockwaves of the release of the Bleed For Me demo are still being felt to this day! Eventually, Putrid Pile caught the ear of United Guttural Records and signed a one record deal with them. After the signing, Putrid Pile went into strict writing mode. Writing a total of seven more songs, along with the five songs from the demo, to record the first full length, "Collection Of Butchery" to be released in early 2003. "Collection Of Butchery", is the sickest material that Putrid Pile has done to date with awesome artwork and excellent /professional production. In 2005 Putrid Pile recorded their sophmore CD entitled "The Pleasure In Suffering" that was released on Gorgiastic Records. This twelve track release recieved rave reviews in magazines such as Metal Maniacs and the like. Also, many of the tracks have gotten massive airplay and requests on loads of college radio stations across the nation and the world. With some of the classic cuts on the disc being, "Food for the Maggots", "My Inner Demon" and Rush-Hour Killing Spree to blast your eardrums into oblivion. Who wouldnt be interested?! In May 2009 Putrid Pile released the Junior CD of the band entitled "House Of Dementia" on Sevared Records and is the bands best material to date! With guitar solos and monster riffing, it crushes the senses and grinds your eardrums to a pulp! This album is sure to be one of the best releases of 2009 and a must have for fans of the extreme metal genre. This release also helped the band to get such great endorsement deals from the best companies in the business such as, Jackson Guitars, Spectraflex Original Braided Cables, and Vader Cabinets. Keep an eye out for this release for it will be sure not to disappoint! In the future, Putrid Pile plans to stay a one-man-band, and continue to progress and keep making quality extreme Death Metal for the masses. Still keeping the original vision in mind, but not turning my back on the idea of change. The new material is a little more technical, then "Collection", but still has the insane hooks of old and new school Death Metal that fans of the band have come to know and love. There's no stopping Putrid Pile in 2009 and beyond. Be expecting to see awesome and intense live shows and many more full lengths to come!

cerebral incubation



Diminished is a Deathgrind band from Texas. Formed in 2005 Diminished has three releases out
Founded by Daniel A. Balle & Michael Pinkard, Diminished formed in the spring of 2005. Diminished would fluctuate members on bass & guitar but centered around Daniel Balle, Michael Pinkard, and Cesar Martinez. In 2009 Diminished signed to New York based label Sevared Records. Sevared Records has released the first three albums (Chainsaw Cunt 2010), (Rectal Torment 2010), & (Origin of Apocalypse 2012) by Diminished. In March 2010, Diminished replaced drummer Caesar with Aaron Romo. As of fall 2011, Samantha Romero would take over bass duties until 2013. Since them, Diminished is a two piece band with session members to fill in at live shows.
A Deathgrind band from the Lone Star State since 2005, with three full-length albums out entitled Chainsaw Cunt (2-19-2010) & Rectal Torment (12-9-2010) & Origin of Apocalypse (2-8-12). We are currently working the "indie circuit"


Low crushing chainsaw guitars, insane "anti-gravity" snare blasting madness, brutal distorted bass, and the gnarliest puke low guttural vocals possible is what makes up this slam outfit. This four piece out of the East Bay Area are new on the scene and are ready to destroy. Keep an look out for upcoming shows, merchandise, and more.



Crepitation are a Brutal Slammin' Death-Grind band
Crepitation's current members live all over the U.K. making the productivity of this outfit less than a sloth on his day off. Currently writing new stupidly annoying material at a snail's pace for a release of some sort or another, but don't hold us twats to anything or ask us when...fook nose like!!!

Members appear in the following bands: Neuroma, Cancerous Womb, Amputated, Disfortune, Kastrated and Scatorgy, Horrific Sexual Atrocity and many more

Machete Dildo

Raping bitches and infants with machetes and knives since 2005
We exist in the sick and brutal depths of the underground music scene.
SLOPPY and WET GOREgrind from Torrance, California!

Zombie Hate Brigade

Formed in late December 2003 and risen from the ashes of other death and grind bands from Colorado (Yeast Infection, Adnauseam, Misunderstood, Dismembered Fetus, F.P.) ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE was born. They captured the imagery of horror movies and incorporated it into their music, all the while staying true to the music they love. Grind core! Zombie Hate Brigade started their run on the local Colorado scene and are determined to capture the ears of the world with their monstrosity. The start… is with help from the German grind label apathic view productions ( which houses other amazing bands such as Blood Duster, Gronibard, Zombie Ritual, Squash Bowels and the ever so popular Agathocles. Apathic view productions will re-release Zombie Hate Brigade's debut CD for a European release in June of 2008. Look for Zombie Hate Brigade at a theatre near you as they plan to drive their virus infected grind core into the front doors of the metal underground.

Vaginal Bear T Trap

Bear Trap are a Leicester-based post hardcore band. Our music can be streamed/downloaded from here:
So far, we've had the pleasure of playing with the following bands: Buenos Aires, Hymns, Hold Your Horse Is, Surrender The Coast, Without Fire and Some May Run.

We're in the process of recording our debut EP. The first track is up for free download.

Impaled Offering

Impaled Offering is a mix of Extreme genres that consists of Gore Grind, Grind-core, Death Metal, Black metal, with a ton of aggression. Impaled Offering is very progressive due to the vast amounts of influence, riffs do not get repeated in order to fit all the styles into a song.

Mentally Murdered

Started as Immortal (1989-1992) before they changed to MM due to similarity to the Norwegian band.Influenced by mostly old school death metal bands such as Death, Sepultura, Kreator, Slayer...etc to name a few.
Formed in 1989, gone through a lot of band member changes and some musical changes
1990 - The Avenger of Blood(demo-Immortal,genre-black metal)
1991 - Immortal Bestiality (demo-Immortal,genre-blackdeath metal)
1992 - Environmentally Unsafe(demo-Immortal,genre-Grindcore)
1995 - New World Sickness(demo-Mentally Murdered,genre-death metal)
2004 - Mentally Murdered(demo-Mentally Murdered,genre-death metal)
2007 - Lost Infidel(singles-Mentally Murdered,genre-death metal)


We play new and old school brutal death metal /tech death fusion with blistering speeds and tempo changes ,with a little groove thrown in for good taste .
Genocaust has been around Tucson since 1999 with founding member/vocalist
Chris Maldonado.
The band has progressed over the years with multiple changes. In 2002, they ran across drummer, Mike Wyatt who they felt fit the position. Starting off, Mike met with Chris and Rudy(original guitarist)and the band recorded the 5 song demo"The End of All things" in March 2003, and they broke up shortly after due to line up changes.
Genocaust has been reformed since 2008 with great response
in tours/live performances and has opened for many bands including: Suffocation, Victimas, Abysmal Dawn Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy, Inherit Disease, Condemned ,Cerebral Bore, Behemoth, Deeds of Flesh ,Vile, Decrepit Birth, Abigail Williams, Asesino, Putrid Pile,To Vceiolently Vomit,Vulvectomy,
Insidious Decrepancy, Severed Savior, Arkaik.
Performed at festivals - such as Las Vegas Death Fest III and IV. As well as
Co headlining Foothills Gutfest IV with Putrid Pile, and many more.
Genocaust finished recording their full length album" End of all things" With producer Mitch Burbidge at Omniversal studios in Tucson Arizona in 2012 and signed to Ossuary Industries. The Insurrection tour with Severed Savior and Arkaik in July of 2012 was a blast.
2013 brings many changed to the band - replacing the entire string section. guitarists- Phillip Hunter and Bear Alexander joined with bassist Erny Almaguer - quickening
Genocaust into an ever increasing fury of technical death, with staggering changes and a sound that encompasses “utter brutality”.
While demonstrating proficiency in learning classic Genocaust material, they bring to the table compositions that honor the band’s style, while infusing their own.


Formed in 2006, TROGLODYTE draws musical influences from the likes of CARCASS, OBITUARY and ORIGIN also finding inspiration from 70's drive-in horror fare such as THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, THE PIT and NIGHT OF THE DEMON. The band has craved/slashed out it's own niche as the world's first (and only) Bigfoot death-metal band.

Wurm Flesh

WurmFlesh is nothing more than a wall of aural punishment! No breaks, No mercy!
WurmFlesh is a one man Brutal Death Metal band From Sacramento California.


Arachnid Amp Cabinets USA
SVS Designs Guitars
Planet Waves Cables
Eminence Speakers
In Tune Guitar picks

Tree of Woe

Formed in Summer 2011 by Jeff Montoya (Catheter) and Keith Keeran (Grindscape), Tree Of Woe is rounded out by Chris Walters (Try Redemption) and Chris Forsythe (Malakai). All long time veterans of the Colorado music scene, Tree Of Woe was started with one mission in mind, obliterate everyone.

Torn The Fuck Apart

Since the formation of Kansas City's Torn The Fuck Apart in late 2004, the band has been busy ripping people's faces off with a relentless onslaught of brutality. With the release of 2006's EP "Skinned Alive" and consistent touring, the band has gained many loyal followers. In July 2009 they released their first full length album, "Gods of Gore" and embarked on a US tour with Monstrosity in support of it. Wasting no time, they immediately started work on their next album, "...The Dissection of Christ" As of right now no date has been set, but they are shooting for a mid-2011 release. Keep checking back to see when and where you can catch Torn The Fuck Apart devastate a stage near you!

$20.00 - $35.00

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