Slightly Stoopid

You can't go wrong with a band that got their first big break from the late Bradley Nowell. For over a decade these Sublime protégés have been concocting an infectious brew of SoCal reggae, ska, and an arsenal of Krazy Glue-catchy hooks. The magic of Slightly Stoopid is their patented laid back yet groove-heavy southern California feel where guitars and horns provide the perfect counter melodies.

These days they play by jam band rules; where the music never stops for nearly two hours as they focus on flat out funky grooves, improvisation and crowd interaction. This show promises to bring the summer swagger just as Spring kicks off.

"San Diego's Slightly Stoopid grounds its sound in reggae and laid back hip-hop, adding in dashes of brightly-flavored ska and hefty psychedelic rock." - NPR



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