Quite simply, Calabrese is the world's greatest horror punk band and they're coming to get you. Jimmy, Davey & Bobby, three tremendous talents born to the same name, Calabrese. Initially inspired by legendary bands in their freshman and sophomore efforts ("13 HALLOWEENS" and "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW" respectively), the terrifying trio branch out into new territory on their new CD, "THEY CALL US DEATH". Calabrese's new sound rips your head off and leaves you begging for more. With their film debut in THE GRAVES, upcoming comic book and other nefarious plans afoot, Calabrese is poised to take over the world. You'll be glad they did." – Brian Pulido

Dead Town Revival

Hailing from the working class streets of the South side of Chicago, Dead Town Revival is a self-described "punk-n-roll" band with a wide ranging list of influences from punk staples such as Face to Face and Social Distortion and country hero Johnny Cash.

Dead Town Revival's driving melodic music speaks of love lost, hard luck and a complete disdain for authority. It's like a punch in the face for the person who enjoys pain. Dead Town Revival's debut full-length album hit stores in February of 2007 and is available now at

Dead Town Revival formed from the ashes of several Chicago bands and the range of musical influences of the band members has created a unique sound that stays rooted in the undeniable 'Chicago punk sound'.

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