3 Piece Suit

From Springfield Ohio, 3 Piece Suit drag classic rock psychedelia kicking and screaming across the modern landscape. Echoes of the Animals and The Doors radiate from Dylan Schartz’ vintage Lowery Organ, while BJ Krouse’s 21st century vocals and guitar charge forward defiantly over Barry Crabill’s thunderous drums.

KURSK is a Post-Punk Country Space Rock Band. Dual Based in Newport, KY and Los Angeles, California.

KURSK: The Devil's Country Volume 1 - 4 QUAD Vinyl EP recorded in Los Angeles, CA. and Covington, KY is in final song selection status. According to High Life Magazine it is "a haunting exploration of the beautiful evil Americana." Songs include, "Death of the Dream", "The Last Love Song" and "Killing Fields of Texas".

KURSK: Eclipse mixing completed in Los Angeles, California. "Eclipse" is an epic production, including: "Blue Film", "Skeleton of the Waves" and "Bought Your Love". Mastering is currently being done in London, UK. Release is scheduled for 4th QTR 2013 in Europe and USA on LP, DIGITAL and CD formats.

KURSK: Dark Star EP recorded in London, UK @ Ascape Studios, July 10, 2008. Showcasing a "live" version of KURSK featuring members of Gary Numan's band , the songs evoke 1980 style industrial pioneers Killing Joke. Limited Release.

KURSK: Spectrum released August 12, 2007!! The long awaited return of KURSK finds the band in excellent form with 11 amazing new songs, including: "Bandit & Heartbreaker", "Whiskey Insane", "Night of the Hunter", and "Gnossienne". Recorded in Los Angeles, California in January 2007, it showcases the increasing songwriting and performance talents of MAY/CHAMBERS/MANSY and is destined to be a fan favorite. Built around cinematic lyrics, searing guitars, pulsating rhythms, and macabre live performance; Spectrum pays homage to the Coldwave 1979 era of the band while completely updating it for a new group of fans to enjoy. Admirers of Interpol, The Doors, and Joy Division have found a new favorite.

Maurice Mattei & The Tempers

Maurice Mattei and his band, the Tempers play original Roots-based music that is equal parts Rock & Roll, Country, Pop, and Blues.

You can hold the best of Maurice Mattei's material to the highest songwriting standards/ His "Set The World On Fire" would not only fit fine on Bob Dylan's Love and Theft album, it would be a highlight...an ear-opening revelation. --Don Mcleese, No Depression Magazine (issue #46)

Maurice is now promoting his first solo CD since 2008, entitled GIRL JUNGLE. He and his band will be promoting the release with live shows, radio appearances and on-line performances throughout 2015.

Maurice has received acclaim in national publications and radio play nationally and internationally over the last 20 years. He has released 23 recordings ranging from CDs, singles, and tapes.

Simply a gem...each song is a marvel of writing...balanced, fine and powerful...a great among the great...an artist in the noblest sense. --Eric Supparo, in Le Cri Du Coyote #125 (France)

Over the past couple of decades, Mattei has self-released a truly stunning amount of material, the majority of which would fit comfortably in the catalog of just about any major or indie label sympathetic to his brand of twang and burn...Mattei transcends references with his wide-ranging songwriting skills and the sinewy and superb accompaniment of the Tempers. --Brian Baker, City Beat Magazine



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