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The Electric West

An independent rock band performing eerie rock music of all sorts.


Champagne Leader

12:15 AM:

Grown in the suburbs of a California town, Champagne Leader is a quartet with sounds inspired by classic groups such as Electric Light Orchestra, Queen and Wings. With a modern twist the band's unique background coupled with it's know-how for methodic song-writing makes it a familiar yet new experience. Intertwining harmonies, attacking guitar and piano, rhythmic drums and thump-bass that drives add together to create an unforgettable live performance.

The Black Heartthrobs

The Black Heartthrobs are a three-piece melodic garage rock band from Culver City. Punk bassist for Osker (Epitaph records), David Benitez has switched to vocals/guitar to front the band with female drummer Jane Greely and bassist Spenser Wells. The Black Heartthrobs manage to craft catchy songs while remaining tied to their indie roots. Although they have a distinctive style, their sound has been compared to wide range of bands from The Cars to Pavement to The Nerves. Expect hooky choruses, fuzzed guitars, and glasses.

Nightlight Shadows


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