Sevendust Acoustic Show


The sound? Deep driving bass and drums. Silky, sensual vocals backed by raw guitars. Watching them on stage is a "who's doing what next" visual orgy. Paragon - mixing rock and reggae to provide a new perspective to head bangin', foot stomping, heart in your throat - this is what I want to hear music. The band generates from Geneva, IL. The musicians; Nate Emetti vocals/guitar, Kiel Tredrea guitar, Andy Felbab bass, Frank Suda drums play from their souls any venue no matter the crowd, passion and addiction satiates their need and ours to hear a pure genuine new sound. There is something familiar and comfortable, yet you stop to listen to something you swear you have never heard before. Paragon delivers and we want to hear more.

In The Red

$23.00 - $25.00


2nd Stage: 5pm Doors / Main Stage: 7pm Doors

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