Anger-Walsh-Gordy Quartet

All of their lives fiddler Darol Anger, guitarist Grant Gordy, and mandolinist Joe Walsh have found themselves moving from place to place, inhabiting one city or town and then moving to another, along the way getting to intimately know the varied terrains that make up our vast country. Musically, they’ve kept up the same pattern, each living at times in the worlds of bluegrass, and old-time, blues, and jazz, on their way to mastery of their chosen instruments, and all the while learning to speak the varied musical languages that make up American roots music. In the ever stable and unmoving bass player Karl Doty they’ve found a kindred musical spirit, one who is as open to exploration as he is rock solid. Making a musical home for themselves in the under-explored space around and between the great American roots styles, this quartet draws from all of their varied backgrounds (Grammy-nominated fiddle music, bluegrass, indie/pop grass, new acoustic string band, jazz and classical music) in crafting a sound all their own.”

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