Kelly Zutrau, Martin Sulkow and Joe Valle have been making music together in various outfits since meeting as students in New York in 2006. What began as a long-distance collaboration between Providence, New York, and Los Angeles led to string of shows and self-releases in the summer of 2012. A year later, and they've already managed to find the delicate balance between slow-motion R&B and minimal indie pop. Pooling all their influences, Wet touch upon everyone from Solange to The XX to Patsy Cline, while still conveying a blissful simplicity that tugs at your heartstrings and forces you to hang onto their every waking word. Their self-titled debut EP is out now on Neon Gold Records

The Washington, DC duo GEMS, comprised of Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John, have developed their own brand of intoxicating, cinematic dream-pop that is deeply heartbreaking and romantic. The duo weaves a dark web of intimate male and female vocals, hazy guitars and lush synthesizers. Their songs are tragic, haunting, and tinged with melancholy and existential longing.

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We're just a few weeks into 2014 but we've already got an exciting year of live programming coming together at our new party home The Westway. This week sees the FREE relaunch of Popshop with ASTR and Joywave, and next month we're keeping things rolling with a triple crown bill of Wet, GEMS and our main man Noah Breakfast on the ones and twos. Hot on the heels of a sold out Mercury Lounge headline last November, it's your last chance to catch Wet in NYC before they take over the world at SXSW in March. It's all popping off February 6th at The Westway, with $10 advance tix now available HERE. Get involved, New York.

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