McClainica Memorial/Benefit


Memorial show in honor of the late/great Dave McClain.
Silent Auction will feature art and band merchandise.
All proceeds go to Dave's wife and kids.

Martin Luther & The Kings

For the last six years, Martin Luther 7 The Kings have been the musical slap in the ass that you all have needed. With their blend of garage, punk, country and full-on good looks, they are a sure fire good time that you will hate yourself for missing!

The Zvills

Rev. Fear & the Nightmares

The Nothing are the riff raff remains of several local Cincinnati bands, who came together when other projects ended to keep on bringing rock and roll to the masses.

Total Dudes

At the calm before the storm in a city plagued with ongoing trends and fads, the TOTAL DUDES are here to preach the gospel of the Book of Rock and Roll!. Inspired by cheap beer, tight pants, leather, and fast food chains, the TOTAL DUDES are a band that will try to bring the world to join hands one dive bar at a time.

2013 CEA (Cincinnati entertainment award) Nominee for Hard Rock Category



Who’s Going


Upcoming Events
The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room