Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem)

Pat Mahoney was brought up on an intriguing diet of folk music and, funnily enough, in the white suburbs of Ithaca, New York, reggae. He developed an insatiable appetite for music and rhythm from the very start. When he turned 13, he traded in his saxophone for a PA and a mic, becoming lead singer of his first punk band, Distorted View. Unhappy with this musical direction, Pat instead taped a pair of drum sticks to his hands and picked up a white Pearl Export drum kit for an onslaught of basement punk shows with his second band, The Five Deadly Diseases. A few years and an art school education later, Pat was recording for his next band, Les Savy Sav and found himself a good friend in their sound engineer, the indie/punk home-studio recording guru James Murphy. James and Pat forged a close friendship that together with Nancy Whang, Tyler Pope, David Scott Stone and Gavin Russolm resulted in the formation of LCD Soundsystem and rest, my friends, is musical history.

Museum of Love (DFA )

Museum of love is the new project from Pat Mahoney (of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany of The Juan Maclean (AKA Jee Day). Their first single is titled "Down South." A debut album is expected to be released in April of 2014 on DFA Records.


Curses was originally an Institubes (RIP) artist back in 2009 and to most had disappeared.

However, at 6am, November 19th 2012 at an afterparty in New York, Curses came back.

"I was going to a lot of after-hours parties in Brooklyn and loved it. It inspired me to go to the studio and suddenly I had a whole bunch of new songs. Next thing I was djing. It was at that point when I knew Curses was coming back."

And Curses has hit a nerve with the first single SO GOOD.

He sent the track to a few friends and suddenly the song is being played on Radio 1. Seven times in two weeks. On top of that Heidi asked for a DJ mix for Radio 1 as well as long-time friend Skream.

Meanwhile back in the US, Tensnake was about to begin his first ever full North American tour with Curses in support. A strong friendship was formed and pushed Curses to full-time.

Curses has a slew of massive singles coming out in 2013 and 2014 on various labels.

Richie Panic (LDL)


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