The Five Hands, Synesthesia Battery, Awake in Theory, Mason Lemons, Soft Morning, City!

The Five Hands

This band began out of a strong desire for a fast, efficient, and more expressive creative process. Deeply rooted in blues, grunge, alternative, prog, and classic rock, The Five Hands have a large sound traversing a grand spectrum. Seeking different shades within a modern definition of rock and roll.

Synesthesia Battery

Awake in Theory

Mason Lemons

Soft Morning, City!

Started as an independent project by songwriter Chris Robinson, (formally from California) in Portland, Oregon and turned to a duo with the addition of Hayden Kirkby (Texas) on lead guitar. Chris and Hayden moved to Texas, settling in Denton. Several years later and more refined, Soft Morning, City! is beginning to play shows again and new material is being produced faster than we can record it and play it live. Contact us through this site for booking, we would love to play. We have now added our bass player and vocalist, Shaun Marcell and we have a new album in the works. Said album is almost ready to be released. Keep in touch with us via our page and tell all your friends!

$5.00 - $8.00

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