Rock on Foundation

Founded by brothers Luke Bonner and Matt Bonner, Rock On Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves to enrich the quality of life in communities by supporting athletic, artistic, and scholastic initiatives.

We strive to increase opportunities while reducing limitations, so that more people can have a chance to maximize their full potential in life through the pursuit, practice, and participation in the arts and/or athletics. This will be achieved by creating scholarships for students involved with and interested in athletics and/or the arts (audio, visual, literary, or performance).

Additionally, we plan on distributing funds to existing 501(c)(3) organizations that operate programs that support community artistic and/or athletic endeavors.

Rock On Foundation operates unique fundraising events intended to inspire and enhance its host communities.

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DJ Mac Machine of Big Digits

Gregg Gethard of the Holding Court Podcast

The Holding Court Podcast is a humorous look at the National Basketball Association by Philadelphia's Gregg Gethard and Aaron Hertzog.

Aaron Hertzog

Aaron Hertzog is a Philadelphia-based stand-up comedian who started performing comedy in 2006. Since then he has developed a reputation as one of the best comedians in the city, making 2009′s list of Ten Best Comedians in Philadelphia, according to

He was also second runner-up in Helium Comedy Club’s 2010 Philly’s Phunniest Person Competition, beating out over 150 other competitors. He performs as a regular host at Helium and often performes at other comedy clubs and alt rooms throughout the region, including hosting his own shows: Hey Everybody! at Philly Improv Theater, and Free For All, a weekly stand-up comedy showcase. He was named “Best Stand-up Comedian” at the 2013 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy. Aaron is writer and performer for PHIT House Sketch Group Goat Rodeo and performed as a member of improv groups Hate Speech Committee (“Best Improv Group” – 2012 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy) and PHIT House Team Hey Rube (“Best New Group” – 2012 WitOut Awards for Philadelphia Comedy). A writer, his work has been featured in local publications as well as on humor megasite

With his stand-up Aaron invites you in, sharing his unique and geeky perspective on pop culture as well as a constant self-deprecation, examining how he constantly makes the wrong decisions in his personal life. All of this is sprinkled with jovial invitations of friendships, absurd flights of fantasy, and singing. Lots of singing.

Shaun Bedgood

Born Darren Rashaun Bedgood, in Selma, Alabama, Shaun hit the comedy scene in November 2004 and has been going strong ever since. With performances at venues such as the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Dick Doherty's Comedy Vault, and The Comic Strip Live in Manhattan, N.Y., Shaun is quickly making a name for himself. Shaun's incredible stage presence coupled with undeniable raw talent has caught the eye of some well known veterans. Rick Jenkins of the Comedy Studio stated "When the Boston Globe called me about a piece called 'Young, Fresh and Funny' Shaun Bedgood was the first name I mentioned. We've showcased him on the Studio stage for news media and television producers, and he always makes us look good." In addition to stand-up, Shaun is currently studying Theater at Suffolk University. He has performed in several productions including ”Shouting Theater in a Crowded Fire” directed by Wes Savick, and “Circa” directed by Caitlin Langstaff.

Hari Kondabolu

Hari Kondabolu is a Brooklyn-based comedian who has appeared on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel and Comedy Central. He also wrote for FX's Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.
Hari also co-hosts the mostly improvised, monthly talk show The Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project with his younger brother Ashok (“Dap” from hip hop group Das Racist) in New York City.


DJ VID KID got his start back in 2001 when he asked his mom to drive him to Guitar Center so he could spend his hard-earned dishwashing money on some turntables and a mixer. Over ten years has past since that faithful day and much has changed. His mom no longer drives him around and he is now using updated equipment that has seen their fair share from numerous house parties and club shows. DJ VID KID's authentic spinning ways has earned praise around Boston and has his ascension in the city's music scene is one to keep an eye on.

Big Digits

Big Digits is a two man party attack formed from the ashes of crashed computers dusted over dented dancefloors. Starting up around 2003 in Cambridge and Somerville, MC Mac Swell and TD have been making the kids sweat and shake with unrelenting beats that aim for the head and don’t stop till they reach the outer limits of your ability to stay jaded. Rhymes about getting down, getting out, and getting up leave couplets kicking around your mind for days afterward. Choruses become mantras to attain ultimate party focus. The compositions come from sampled hooks culled from forgotten records, mixed with hip-hop drum breaks and “4 on the floor” style electronic beats, all channeled into the direction of having a good time. It’s the soundtrack to those house parties where you danced without abandon and wished the moment could last forever.



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