Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas

In the year 1963, some high school pals decided to get together to form a group because of their love of music. After 43 years, several dozen albums… three of which became gold, one of which became platinum, and one gold single from a song known as "Jim Dandy To The Rescue," which was told to them to record by none other than Elvis Presley himself (!), this group of friends still manages to stay together. (After talking to Elvis, Black Oak Arkansas was told the following week by their producer Tom Dowd and by their label president Ahmet Ertegun that these two industry giants were also about to ask BOA about recording that same tune! Ahmet himself only personally signed 5 groups to recording contracts in his long, long recording history… and Black Oak Arkansas had the honor of being number 5!) Many testimonials and awards have been presented to this band by everyone from Bill Graham, (who founded and ran Winterland Ballroom and both the Fillmore East and West), to Wolfman Jack from the Midnight Special; from First Lady Betty Ford to President Bill Clinton!

With an original homespun musical flavor, Black Oak Arkansas has been presenting their music and their life to the worlds' public now for almost half of a century, and with a still active touring and recording schedule… there is presently no end in sight! June of 2007 found them performing at the Sweden Rock Festival along with Aerosmith, Scorpions, Motorhead, REO Speedwagon and many more! In 2012 BOA were in Brazil playing for more than 4 millions people. You can also find them this year in the studio working on their newest planned release entitled "Memphis Mean Tymes," and continuing to book concerts through the 21st century touring season.

"We just recently returned from a two week stay in Big Sur, California where we wandered the forest with a bunch of stoned out folk and worked on new material," is the explanation for why I couldn't find much info on Red Daughters' Myspace about their new album.
Sounds like something my friends who are into jam bands would say, but Red Daughters are serving up some ballsy countrified rock-and-roll true to the Minnesota soil that bred Dylan. And, truth be told, I do prefer my bands wandering out in the woods rather than updating their Myspace. The debut album, Ugly Horses, is due out August 8th. -The Tripwire -


The Oddfathers

Brynn Arens—born 4/7/1961 Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter
Casey Gooby—born 10/31/1971 Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Krys Baratto—born 9/29/1968 Bass Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Tom Cook—born 9/2/1960 Drums, Vocals, Songwriter

Yeah that's right, were old, so whatya gonna do about it?
Rock onward is what we say.
Four loyal old bastards making their own music for the love of rock and roll is what the OddFathers are all about. With varying degrees of success in the music biz over the years the members of the OddFathers were at one time in famous and not so famous bands, but who cares.
Now the OddFathers have decided to join forces and cooked up something special.

Old school rock?...Maybe.

"We play it how we hear it", Cook said, "and I guess we see it through the eyes and ears of the groups we were weaned on, you know, the good shit".
"That's right, we don't sleep with the fishes", added Arens.
"I guess I don't have a lot to say about it all", Gooby says before he proclaims, "I let my guitar do the talking for me,"
"What? What's the matter with you? Can you speak up?" says Baratto.
So there you have it,
now whatya gonna do about it?

$25.00 - $27.00


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