Catalina Gonzalez & friends, The Keys

Catalina Gonzalez & friends

The Keys

boris started writing and playing his own songs in toulouse, france in 2006, to the deepest chagrin of his neighbor.

at first, he couldn't really sing and was playing mostly folk stuff. now, he can sorta sing and plays mostly rock stuff.

his inspirations go from a rocking ted nugent riff to gorgeous vocal harmonies in ancient traditional music, and from a gainsbourg’s dirty pun to a nasty drum lick in a captain beefheart song.

the classic triangles cohen/dylan/young and brel/ferré/barbara are of course a major source of sparkle, but just as much as his favourite bands of scandinavian, west-african, klezmer, cajun, québec, irish and french folk music.

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because he hates that lonely feeling, he loves to gather around people way more talented than himself to record epic songs.
because he is a control freak and doesn't want to share any of his glory, he chooses to perform solo.

mr paillard is a frenchman with a canadian settlement and an imaginary american upbringing.
he writes in english because he feels, dreams and thinks in english. well, also because he wishes to be the next small thing.

on top of having regularly played in toulouse, paris, montréal and toronto, he has toured the us and canada using the mighty "greyhound discovery pass" in 2007, 2009 and 2010. in only a few years, it has added up to more than a hundred gigs in 40 different cities.

montréal was his main city of residence between 2007 and 2012, but he recently experienced lengthy stays in wales and in berlin.

Lauren Farrell

Lauren has been writing songs constantly since the age of sixteen, starting out playing rhythm guitar in a band, and then attending Berklee College of Music, simultaneously with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
She was able to pursue songwriting in classes as well as at various open mics, finding music to be a strong interest. She has been writing songs while traveling for whitewater jobs all over the U.S., finding many themes to write about, from the places themselves to the extraordinary people along the way.
Being open to change has been a useful tool for writing songs, one that has kept her inspired, and will continue to. Stay posted for more shows, and new music.



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