St. Patrick's Day Massacre XI

St. Patrick's Day Massacre XIV

Our 14th installment of possibly the best holiday ever - plus we have some corned beef grilled cheese this time.

Dead Larry

A delightful blend of psychedelic rock, dance and funk offers a look into the new generation of musicians and fans. Dead Larry transplanted themselves into Minneapolis in Oct of 2011 from their hometown of Iowa City, IA. A group of 4 guys in their early twenties, Dead Larry loves to party and encourages the crowd to get up and moving. With a vast range of influences it's hard to pin down the sound, but comparisons have been made to Modest Mouse, The Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Dead Larry encourages a community of friends and family (known as "The Family of Funky Friends") that continues to support and grow with Dead Larry throughout their adventures. Touring relentlessly across the country, Dead Larry is a psychedelic force to be reckoned with.

"An all too short set by psychedelic funk pop band, Dead Larry, from Iowa City, Iowa, was all I needed to realize where the great music truly was. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Mark McGuiness screamed his lyrics with rock 'n' roll conviction to the raw and dark simplicity of the musical compromise that is the rest of the band. Each member worked their musical niche to create something greater than themselves that is Dead Larry."
- Travis Beck, The Daily Nebraskan (Jul 28, 2008) on Dead Larry's performance at 10,000 Lakes Festival '08

Mikel Wright and the Wrongs

Currently based out of South Minneapolis, Mikel Wright & The Wrongs is an ever-evolving group of talented musicians. Mikel broke fast onto the Minneapolis music scene in the summer of 2007 and has since earned a respected reputation for cultivating ridiculous bands and unforgettable jams.

Over the last few years he has been weaving his ambition and vision into reality. Most recently, Mikel has tag teamed shows and built lasting bonds with other acts such as: Shoeless Revolution, Jon Wayne & The Pain, Roster McCabe, BigTree Bonsai, Scott Zaker, Mark Joseph Project, SOAP, and P.B. & The Jam. Mikel is constantly innovating his progressive beach-funk sound by adding fresh players and creating new renditions of his originals and covers alike.

Their catalog is vast whether they are performing their own music or the music of their idols. From The Doors to James Taylor, or Bob Marley to Sublime, this band is sure to get all audiences singing and dancing along.

Mikel Wright & The Wrongs have performed at the hottest clubs in minneapolis to festivals ranging from the biggest in the world, Summerfest in Milwaukee, to Minnesota's own Big Wu Family Reunion, Bella, and 10,000 Lakes Festivals.

Please take a minute to check out all of the great videos taken by dedicated fans of the band!

Soul Phlegm

Fusing a contemporary sound of blues, soul, folk & rock n' roll, Soul Phlegm oozes through the fuses & out through your front door. Hailing from the California coast, the Arizona high desert & the Chicago suburbs respectively, Joseph Michael Ewart, Kyle Talon Ballard & Timothy Eugene Hunziker as the core song-writers in the group, all were introduced to music in diverse fashions but draw deep equally from their influences of soulful instrumentation, weird humor, passionate lyricisms & mischievous sounds. A likely combination of musicians in unlikely circumstances / a series of multiple bands gone awry & estranged / a life changing road trip / engineering philanthropy through mystery. Soul Phlegm is the fruit of the fight. The wind whispering: Why? A ghost of the past & a phantom from the phuture.

Wooly Bear

The mission of Iowa City’s folk band, Wooly Bear, is three-fold; performing for the people, writing relatable songs of purpose, and creating a distinctive – comparative to none.

The band hails from Iowa City, with roots spanning from the northern state of Michigan to southern Tennessee. Still in the early stages, after forming less than a year ago, Wooly Bear has taken local scene by surprise with their personality, showmanship, and pure love for live music. Nothing is off-limits, with regards to direction of original work and the same goes for cover tunes they drop on listeners from time to time.

Wooly Bear been known to sing a song or two from such artists as Damien Jurado, Mountain Man, The Civil Wars, Gillian Welch, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, as well as many others who inspire them to be different. Two-part vocal harmony, acoustic guitar, fiddle and stand-up bass – with a little blues, funk, rock and special sauce – they’re taking a traditional arrangement of folk instrumentation to a place we’ve never been; that's WOOLY BEAR. Enjoy.

Jon Eric

Jon Eric is best known for his banjo skills. Jon's dedication, and years of playing have led him to become a legend in pushing the boundaries of what the banjo can sound like. "I love all types of music, but many people really underestimate what the banjo can do," he says as he breaks into a harmonic melting pot of jazz and blues. Jon Eric expertise also includes guitar, vocals, and dobro. He is well educated in music production and currently teaches to share his love of music.

A member of ASCAP, IBMA, SPBGMA , Jon Eric has found a new home in the WWB (, who has brought him back to his bluegrass roots.

Jon continues to be closely involved in his local community of Iowa City. As well as traveling nationally for performances. Book Jon Eric to make sure he is available for your next engagement, or see him play on You Tube.



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