Reeve Coobs is a singer-songwriter from the south – specifically, from Charlotte, North Carolina. She creatively blends folk, pop, country, and rock into an original sound of her own. Her lyrics are smart and real, and her voice is rich and haunting and leaves you wanting more. Reeve's songs can sometimes be uncomfortably honest, but that is what makes her such a moving performer. She has a very powerful voice but unlike most voices you hear today, Reeve knows when to keep it soft and light. Her thoughtful lyrics and voice joined with her tasteful guitar playing makes for an extremely rare talent. In 2005 Reeve won the Creative Loafing of Charlotte Reader’s Pick award for Best Female Vocalist.

The daughter of guitar maker Jack Coobs and ever-lovin' music fan Caydea, Reeve grew up immersed in music. She started singing around the age of three and performing on stage a few years later. In high school she joined the ecumenical touring show choir, The New Vibrations. They toured all around The Carolinas and also as far as Texas, Florida, Chicago, and New York. She and a few other "New Vibes" members formed the band Exit Up which she played with until she moved away for college. She went to King College in Bristol, TN on a vocal scholarship. She started writing more and more and playing with friends at local coffee shops. She began to fall in love with the idea of becoming a "real" singer-songwriter.

Charlie King

If music is a window to the soul, then Charlie King’s music overlooks the ocean. On a moonlit night in August. With a cozy beverage. And a best friend. Some songwriters put excessive focus on “opening listeners’ eyes” to new perspectives, completely missing the exhaustion in those eyes from years of seeing too much. Other songwriters take the opposite extreme, pushing their listeners to drown out or ignore all that’s been seen in exchange for a few moments of shallow peace. Listening to Charlie’s music, however, has an entirely different feel to it. It’s like an invitation home...or a slow exhale...or a friend you can be silent with. Honest. Authentic. Satisfying. As for the songs themselves, think sage wisdom wrapped in catchy melodies. They’ve been crafted by an artist, with deep themes of meaning and love and truth becoming even more profound when mapped across futility, loss, and mystery. Not to mention the innate sense of prosody; lyric dancing with melody like a pair of lovebirds. It isn’t quite obvious which one follows the other, only that the match is almost always perfect. And despite the creative complexities and enticing nuance woven throughout Charlie’s music, it always comes across as refreshingly easy. The gift of this young man’s music to the world is only matched by the gift of Charlie King himself, and each is an absolute delight for the journey.

-Matt Glass

King was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2009, he moved to Chapel Hill to obtain his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina, graduating with a B.A. in Music in 2013. Though his love for songwriting began at the age of 13 when he joined his first band, it was in his college years that King developed a passion for more than simply attaching words to a melody and a chord progression; he discovered a love of composition, learning to very carefully, purposefully, and creatively set multiple moving parts in place to be received as one. After graduating, he married Ashley, his middle-school sweetheart, and moved back to Charlotte, where the two of them now live with their puppy, Sutton.

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