The Farewell Drifters

The Farewell Drifters

With their acoustic instrumentation and the anthemic thrust of their songwriting, the Farewell Drifters find themselves in the midst of what's bound to go down in the annals of popular music history as an era-defining, youthful folk-rock boom. But the Drifters aren't content simply to stomp, strum and sing with gusto. They bring a unique Brian Wilson-like sensibility to the movement, with intricately arranged harmonies and atmospheric, string-swathed studio shading that is newly showcased on Tomorrow Forever, the quartet's first album for their new label Compass Records. Collaborating with roots pop producer Neilson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, the Apache Relay) helped solidify the band's voice, elevating their crystalline harmonies and acoustic foundation with gutsy electric guitar and orchestral-style drums to create a sound that's earthy, richly layered, and powerful.
"Lavish, layered pop sound" - American Songwriter

"Exuberant musical intelligence" - No Depression

"Sunny, harmony-laden roots music" - Pop Matters

The Wild Family

The Wild Family is a rockin' indie folk group from Chicago. Melding sweet soulful harmonies with dangerously smooth guitar pluckin' that will make you look in the mirror question what your life really means.

Justin and the Salty Dogs

Justin and the Salty Dogs began making music out of necessity. When Brownie McGhee (1915-1996) so astutely said years ago that "Blues is Truth," he exposed the roots of an ancient philosophical tradition that regards music as playing an important role in the welfare of a troubled mind. The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca (ca. 4 BCE-65 CE), for instance, speaks like a bluesman when he says, "Let the mind be soothed by the reading of poetry and occupied by the tales of history; it should be treated with sensitivity and finesse. Pythagoras used to calm his worried mind with the lyre; and who does not know that the cornet and trumpet act as stimulants to the mind, just as certain songs provide it therapeutic relief" (De Ira 3.9). The songs by Justin and the Salty Dogs, initially self-prescribed medicines, have precisely this aim. The "physicians" with whom they have consulted are numerous, but a few are especially worthy of mention: Mississippi John Hurt (1893-1966); Jimmie Rodgers (1897-1933); Sonny Terry (1911-1986); Woody Guthrie (1912-1967); and Muddy Waters (1913-1983). They tip their hats to these sage musicians and others like them, in all their complexity and problems, for pointing the way.

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