Paisty Jenny

Paisty Jenny

Formed during the spring of 2002, this foursome has been banging out Paisty-flavored modern rock that has been enthusiastically received by audiences throughout the Midwest and the country.

As quoted by the Emergenza Festival, "Paisty Jenny delivers arena rock with a modern rock edge."

Primary songwriter Gregg Lee's vocals contain a very unique and marketable timbre without being over-produced. He punches out a clean yet emotional growl, and a sometimes factious look at life.

The band has shared the stage with dozens of national acts including classics like Vince Neil; Bret Michaels; and Skid Row, plus modern rockers like 3 Doors Down, Breaking Benjamin and Buckcherry.

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Three dudes from Colorado Springs stickin' it to the man.

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March Heir

Tommy Gunn: Is the frontman, composer, and wordsmith for the Adult-Contemporary Country Rock Band; "March Heir." March Heir calls the music "Americana." The name is the result of the coincidence that everything that is good happens to me in March; so I tell folks I "Inherited my men in march." Hence, the name was given--March Heir. Tommy moved west and studied Music with minors in Music Composition, Music Theory, and Fictional Writing during his college years in Colorado. My strengths are my lyrical and vocal style." March Heir's music has been described in local music rags as Americana and Country Music meets Jim Morrison, and just plain old Contemporary Country Rock! “Love songs abound for the women listeners, and they'll swoon when they hear Tommy Gunn's deep baritone, yet he can scream like Tyler when he wants.”, says “The Hammer," Phillip Franco. Hailing from Aurora, Colorado, Kody Little on lead guitar with his background in Classic Rock and Progressive Rock adds an appropriately diversified edge. We even do a RAP song; "Cause someone said I couldn't write RAP," says Gunn with a grin... Filling out this unique group is Robin Bell of Colorado Springs on his five string bass. Robin and the Hammer are solid as stone as the rhythm section! "They lock up as if they were born as a rhythm section. Robin is Melodic yet on the kick all the time, Robin is one of my all time favorite Bassmen." Gunn goes on to say, "I am not a braggart, in fact I am a bit shy deep down. This band is gonna make some people take a step back when they hear us blend Rock, Contemporary Country, Reggae, and a touch of RAP and make it all work. I am humbled and blessed to be with these guys...."

March Heir has a rich history in music. Developed in the 1980's the band has evolved with time. The band prides itself in original music that spans the generations with an emphasis on danceable entertainment.

Currently based in Colorado Springs, Colorado we are working hard to maintain our lineage of great music by committed artists.

March Heir Music Inc. is dedicated to seeking new talent to continue to music's impact on the masses. Our Artist Development Department continuously listens to other artists and provides them with opportunities to excel!

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