Dirt Worshipper

Dirt Worshipper

Heavily influenced by nwobhm and swedish death metal, Dirt Worshipper blends a dense, intricate vision of death metal with linear song structures, complicated arrangements. Formed in 2008 out of the ashes of they're former band Aperion, Dirt Worshipper explores the nether reaches of metal subgenres. They're 1st demo releaased that same year recorded by Evan Madden (Woods of Y'pres, Woe, Riff Lifter Touring) saw the band as a 3 piece untill we recorded our 1st ep in 2010 with Chris Grigg (Woe, Infiltrator) that they realized that a second guitarist was necessary to really get the full sound we needed. Carl Whitlock (Lift the Curse) joined soon there after. Since then Dirt Worshipper has toured the east coast extensively and in 2013 recorded a new 5 somg self titled ep at Red Planet studios by Bruce Howze.


Heavy Planet says, "while destroying everything in their path, Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark... epic and full-on sludge."

"They’re a sludgy doom band at heart, but are bursting with far too many ideas to allow them to fester inside any one constricting genre tag." - Kim Kelly

The Proselyte

Ungodly screams and melodic harmonies square off as the proselyte weave a web anger and beauty. Now a trio, this boston band have toured the states numerous times and are gearing up for a busy 2014 with an EP entitled "Our Vessel's In Need". Gypsyblood Records will handle the pressing while artwork will come from Billy Crisafi.

The EP was recorded during the February 2013 blizzard that pummeled the northeast, leaving them and a team of videographers literally trapped inside New Alliance Audio. The result is a balance of solidarity and frightful cabin fever.


HIVELORDS exists to transmute a natural and terrifying force into experience. They are akin to archetypical renderings of a hidden, absurd squalor beneath existence. They acknowledge all the tenets of folklore, mythology and organized religion while unveiling the real horror behind them; absolute uncertainty. The destination is harsh reality, and the route is a painstakingly calculated mixture of concepts such as misery, disbelief, mold, mortality, and debris. The redeeming quality of each rendering is the presence of just enough triumph to return to normal levels of depression after listening.



All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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