Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone

"This is my second go-round, my sophomore LP with Strange Music," Stevie Stone says. "It's my second wind. I'm more seasoned, more knowledgeable. I've done a lot of shows with them, even before I was signed. I've done four tours with them. I've got structure and am a lot more organized. I know the elements to put into a show. Strange Music prides itself in giving people a good show. All those elements are always what I've believed in and what they practice and preach, so it fits like a glove."
No wonder 2 Birds 1 Stone sounds so powerful.

"I remeber my parents leaving for work and leaving me with my cousin.I would sneak into their bedroom and under the bed lay a case of old tapes.I would go through them as if they were an unforbidden treasure.Each one had its own place.My cousin and me would listen to those tapes every time we got a chance to."Sir Mix alot","Boys 2 men","Onxy" are just to name a few.I guess you could say "We had the time of our lives back then and those are some of the early influences that have driven me to become and artist." is a musician raised in the Missouri,Oklahoma and kansas.He has been writing music since he was fourteen,but after 9 years is now emerging as one of hiphop's freshmen.An artist of to many stories,that many people can relate to.An artist of dreams.What he hopes to get out of music is listeners...people wanting to hear real hip hop.

Recently he has opened for Lil Wyte of Wyte was choosen to preform at Tech N9ne's "2012 Hostile Takeover Tour" on July 6th. He also will be opening for Kutt Calhoun of Strange Music on July 20th.



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