Les Racquet

Les Racquet

Les Racquet is a Brooklyn NY based indie rock power trio with three-part vocal harmonies and technically expressive musicianship. The trio performs songs that pique the interest of learned musicians and mainstream listeners alike.

The group conveys energy and vitality on stage by unleashing bursts of rock n' roll improv around intimate vocal moments. The youthful trio demonstrate an ability to move between classic and worldly genres while adding their own contemporary edge to each style. The band respects the diversity of individual tastes and prides itself on an ability to entertain fans from all backgrounds.

During its first year as a band Les Racquet has been completely "do it yourself": expanding its horizons to include: managing, booking, marketing, producing and recording.

Cold Roses

It’s rare in today’s music to find a band that embodies the swagger of rock and roll, groove of Philly-soul, heartache of the blues and folk-esque storytelling quite like Cold Roses.
After years as a guitarist in Philly bands, Rob Clancy decided to step out on his own as lead singer and songwriter, and form a group to play the music he’d been envisioning for so long. A post to Craig’s List ushered in Brandon Porter on bass, and the lineup became solidified with the addition of Alex Ayala on keys and R.M Webb on drums. The modest four piece would then expand to include a horn section, featuring Rick Rein on trumpet and Tom Petraccaro on saxophone.
Honing their signature sound and electrifying audiences along the east coast for the past year and a half, Cold Roses self-released their debut LP “No Silence In The City” on November 1st, 2014. Produced by Webb and Clancy, and recorded at Miner Street Recordings, the band implemented a more “traditional” recording approach by performing each song live to analog tape, emulating the energy and intimacy of their live shows. The result is an 11 song “tour de force” album that showcases the band’s versatility and “demonstrate[s] what it means to live and breathe the essence of rock and roll…this is a dirty, soulful, wickedly fun album” (ThatMag). Whoever said rock and roll was dead must have just given up.

St. James and The Apostles

JEFF CASTNER - drums, percussion
MIKE KIKER - organ, piano, bass pedals, vocals
JAMES MAHON - guitar, vocals

St. James & The Apostles is three Philly cousins who play sweaty, heavy, organ-powered psychedelic soul. Think Deep Purple meets James Brown - ‘Live At The Apollo‘. "I just didn't want to play that garage rock stuff anymore, even though I still love it, but been there done that," says Jamie Mahon, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. That 'garage-rock stuff' he's over with has played a central role in his development as a musician and his place in the Philadelphia music scene, so it's worth re-visiting for the moment.

After innumerable gigs, a self-titled EP released in 2010 and recording their debut LP ’Baphomet’ (2012) in a proper studio, the 3 of them headed down to the basement and began working on the album that eventually became ’ViaDolorosa’ (2014), using a back-to-basics approach, utilizing nothing more than an 8-track reel-to-reel and an old Panasonic console. "I’ve collected a lot of vintage gear over the last 15 years, cobbled together enough shit to actually get together a pretty a good Daptone Records kind of vibe: all tape, no computers involved," he says. "It's all about the mic placement and I’ve been doing this for so fucking long, I now know how to place mics at that perfect point where you get a great sounding performance."
- Jonathan Valania,Phawker.com, editor-in-chief



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