Starting in early 2006, Enstride laid its foundation in the local Philadelphia music scene. Since then, Enstride has evolved into a band whose music cannot be generalized into any one specific musical genre, rather, their sound has impacted many and left them at a loss of words for how to describe what they’ve heard. Enstride is an all-out attack on the senses, blending melody and harmony with driving guitars, grooving rhythms, and fueled by the desire to blend each other’s individual styles.

The band has strived to make a name for themselves bringing high energy to live shows and performing with national acts at many of the area’s top venues. The band has been played on Philadelphia’s top rock stations and has been featured on 93.3 WMMR Jaxon’s Local Shots Vol.4 album. Recently Enstride has been showcased on radio stations in the tri-state and Pittsburgh areas, and are surely making themselves known in the digital world. In preparing for the release of their EP ‘The Sound That Silence Makes’, Enstride hit the studio with producer Taylor Larson, known for acts such as Periphery and Darkest Hour and saw guidance from Spencer Sotelo from Periphery on producing vocals. With a re-charged lineup and re-armed with two new members, Enstride is back to doing what they've always wanted to do, making memorable music and uniting fans in their musical journey.


Angel Vivaldi

"If people don't like instrumental music, I'm here to make them like it."

In today's music scene where countless bands are effortlessly duplicated, Angel Vivaldi stands out as a cutting edge and unprecedented up-and-coming artist. His blend of spell-binding guitar anthems, tasteful yet virtuosic playing and engaging song arrangements have captured the ears of many who would have never given instrumental music a listen.

Angel's debut album, "Revelations," gained him enough notoriety to land him a spot as lead guitarist for Black Market Hero, (post-40 Below Summer/FLAW). After 2 years, he parted ways with the band to focus on his second release, "The Speed of Dark," which was released in 2010. Now on his third release titled "Universal Language," (May 2011) the Ibanez endorsee is focused more than ever to catapult guitar instrumental music back into the world of metal and hard rock. He recently recruited ex-Mutiny Within (Roadrunner Records) drummer Bill Fore to complete his lineup of master live musicians including Jason Tarantino and Jake Skylyr.

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