Huey Mack

Joseph Dalton Michael (born December 16th, 1991), better known as Huey Mack, is an American hip-hop artist from Morgantown, West Virginia. He started writing music as a joke at the age of 14 to pass the time while he was attending Morgantown High School. He soon stopped writing and took a few years off as he never saw it being a career just something that he did as a "joke". A few years later at the age of 17 he decided to start back up and released his first free mixtape "Wish Me Luck" at the age of 18. This mixtape led to a following some described as "cult-like" which opened the door to the releases of a few more mixtapes including the free mixtape "A Boy Named Hue" which also charted at number "3" in the rap/hip-hop section on Itunes despite being free




Mike Daskal, better known by stage name Daskal, is a 26 year old hip hop artist hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia. Born in Moldova, Daskal grew up in Philly after his family immigrated to America when he was very young. He fell in love with hip hop and started to follow and study it from the moment he was introduced at the young age of 5. By age 12, Daskal had written and recorded his first song and hasn't stopped since. In 2013, he linked up with Live Nation and has had the opportunity to share the stage in front of sold out crowds for artists such as Huey Mack, OCD: Moosh and Twist, and Mike Stud. He has also teamed up with some of the most prominent producers and videographers in Philadelphia. Currently working on a new project, he is excited to continue to build his fan base while putting on solid performances throughout Philadelphia and the tri-state area alongside side his DJ, DJ Royale. Daskal's music focuses on realism and tends to incorporate those old- school sounding beats that remind him of his early years with hip hop.

Evan Riley

At just 18 years old, Evan Riley has made quite a name for himself within the Philadelphia music scene over the past year. At such a young age and playing shows with the likes of OCD: Moosh and Twist, Ground Up, Radical Something and more, he is no stranger to the venue scene around Philly. While he may be underground, you can bet he’s up and coming. Follow him on twitter @EvanRileyMusic

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