20 Minute Tango, John Rodden of No Outlet

20 Minute Tango

20 Minute Tango has been playing together collectively for 3 years and counting. Their first album entitled "Lights in the Sky" was released in December of 2011 and is also available for purchase on Itunes. The band plays shows all across the Philadelphia area and are expanding every day with varying venues. Manager Chris Bailey is in charge of all booking and merchandise (Cbailey39@Gmail.com, Booking@20minutetango.com or 484-356-6316)

Nate Miller-Guitar/Vocals
Adam Miller-Vocals
Ryan Connors-Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Josh Bailey-Drums
Kevin Gift-Bass

John Rodden of No Outlet

John and Lerman have a special history together. Namely, John has a million ideas and Lerman tells him they suck. But when John suggested that he and Lerman start a band, Lerman said "wow, good idea". And so No Outlet was born. When the immortal Bowles joined the band, he brought his shitty stereo, casio keyboard, and creative talents to the mix. Then the bastard left. Since then, Lerman and John have been rotating through new band members like a cat goes through kitty litter. But finally Matt and Sean have come into the picture and don't they smell minty fresh? Now the band is complete and Lerman owns Johns house and all is right with the world.

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Upcoming Events
Melodies Cafe

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