Carcass / Brutal Boat Bash: Round V

CARCASS has released several classic albums over the years, including Decibel Magazine "Hall of Fame" inductees Heartwork and Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious, and their influence has changed the face of extreme metal with every consecutive release. Whether it was inventing gore-grind (i.e. Reek of Putrefaction, Symphonies of Sickness) or creating the template for melodic death metal (i.e. Heartwork), CARCASS has always made records by which bars were set and rules were broken.
Upon the band's dismantling in 1996, fans mourned the loss of the seminal act and longed that the group would return again one day. In 2007, the metal world got its wish as CARCASS reformed to play several sold-out reunion shows around the globe. Once again re-motivated to administer a shot of cynicism and infectious riffs into the arm of a sickly metal scene, founding members Bill Steer and Jeff Walker began writing what would become the latest output of their highly influential career, Surgical Steel. Only the choicest of cuts were made, and blood sweat and tears were shed to bring us a record worthy of the CARCASS legacy. In short, Surgical Steel is just what the doctor ordered.


"Almost psychotically unfashionable, Cyst have one mission... TO THRASH!!!"
This was just one slice of enthusiastic praise from the many glowing reviews of "Concussion Symphony", Cyst's now classic debut album that brought its metallic fist down upon the world over a decade ago in 2002... a year when thrash metal was indeed unfashionable.
But trends did not sway the 5 guys in Cyst to soften their music back then, and they certainly won't stop Cyst now. After a 5-year hiatus, Cyst has returned with a massive follow up album, "Despisers Of This Mortal Coil"... and a 3rd album, "Requiem Of Ruin", in the works!
Cyst's unique style of old-school thrash metal played with insane amounts of conviction and energy has set them apart from the pack as a band who never forgets the past, but refuses to be ruled by it. Truly a modern thrash band without compromise, Cyst has come to make sure not a single neck goes un-wrecked!!!

Made Of Metal

South Florida's premier Heavy Metal tribute band! Playing one-off shows to different classic Metal bands of all genres.

"Maruta resides somewhere in the musty chasm between grind and death metal. This band has been kicking around since 2005. They took some time off to reflect and are back to churning at speeds burgeoning on the ludicrous, stomping out quicksand sludge, and ripping violent guitar athletics that would make any shred-head jealous." -David Von Bader (Miami New Times)


South Florida 4-piece heavy metal band. Formed in 2006 by guitarist Chris Dravend, PARALYSYS soon became complete with Chris Hayes also on guitar, his brother Justin on drums, and Emilio Martinez on lead vocals and bass. Together, they forge onwards with their diverse heavy metal music including songs from their 2010 debut EP "Paralysis," as well as a plethora of new ones on the rise to leave legions upon legions in A STATE OF MASS PARALYSYS!


Virulentus started in 2008 and toured Europe in 2009 as main support for Wykked Wytch. We've been on a break for a while and now it's time for us to return from the depths with a soon to come EP and a lot of shows in the very near future. So be ready for a age of metal!!!!

$15.00 - $22.00


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