stand your ground

stand your ground

Formed in 2007, Tennessee's Stand Your Ground have become quite the force to be reckoned with. Touring relentlessly since the band's inception has led to a strong fan base along the eastern United States. Solidifying their lineup in late 2008 and early 2009, Stand Your Ground have been hard at work developing their unique take on hardcore and metal. With crushing music and an even more powerful live show, they've been able to reach both sides of the hardcore and metal spectrum. Stand Your Ground will enter the studio in late Feb/early March to begin work on their second full-length album due out later in 2011, and will begin a full US tour in early April. \m/

Restless Streets

RESTLESS STREETS is a progressive post-hardcore band hailing from Albany, NY. The outfit collages meaningful introspective lyrics with heavy dynamic musicianship to create a beautifully brutal mosaic of sound. Each member's animation and enthusiasm manifests in every song and live performance – portraying the bands emotional and mental connection to their fan base, each other, and every track that they've grown to create.

Narrow Hearts

Open for interpretation. Release your mind. Strive to Change.


5 honest dudes just trying to make a living

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