Kissing Candice

Kissing Candice

Kissing Candice started as a mere vision. Ex-Dr. Acula keyboardist and sample mastermind, Joey Simpson, was looking to start a project that would combine metal, hardcore, industrial and electronic music in a unique and cinematic fashion. Taking on the role of frontman, Joey hit the studio with producer Jeremy Comitas to record the debut EP, Murder. While giving listeners a taste of what to expect from the band, Joey soon realized that it was time to put together a full lineup.

After recruiting Tommy Sciro (guitar), Marco Caruso (drums) and Mike Grippo (bass),Walter Dicristina(Guitar) the band began to fine-tune their songs for live performances. Soon, this Long Island based five-piece had a sizeable buzz growing online, with followers and fans accumulating on various social networks. Quickly attracting listeners on a daily basis, Kissing Candice is already proving that their brand is being eagerly welcomed to the scene.

With the new members of the band contributing to the writing process, future material will undoubtedly be the most vicious and addicting output from the band thus far. Keep a close eye on Kissing Candice, as their blood, guts and gore-filled tunes infect the masses during the remainder of 2012 and beyond.

Our Waking Deception

We're an emerging band out of Delaware and the Philadelphia area. We are growing as a band and as musicians. Our one goal in life is to tour and put out as many records as possible. We have had the opportunity to share the stage with Major Label bands and make tons of friends along the way. We are stronger than ever OWD started in spring of 2013. We have performed at big shows and festivals such as All Star Tour '13 / Reckless Fest ll . Our future holds constant improvement and hard work as we strive to write music that holds true meaning. Be prepared, as we're here to stay. - OWD


An elision refers to the least common progression in music theory. Coming together in November of 2004, Elision chose the name because they are trying to do something outside the stereotype of their genre of music. Their first album, "Reflecting on Refraction", is an album about change. Change in direction, both in music and in life. The aching melodies and dark bass lines mix with essences of rock, progressive, and alternative beats. "Reflecting on Refraction" is not an album of 11 non-identifiable songs. Each has its own personality and flavor, just like the guys.
Elision is currently trying to break the mold starting with the one embedded within themselves. We only hope that you too can be open minded as we walk out blindly towards the light.

From Mars To Mariana

Eric Gallen - Vocals
Jacob Johnson - Lead Guitar
Dave Wallace - Rhythm Guitar
Christian Ward - Bass/Vocals
Lloyd Layfield - Drums
Mike Bukowski - Keys

$10.00 - $12.00


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