Andy Allo

Every so often, an artist comes along who is indefinable - an artist who is truly paving her own way with music, sound, vibes and words that speak to her on a deeper level. Cameroonian singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Allo is that artist.

Andy joined Prince's New Power Generation band in 2011 as singer/guitarist, and co-wrote three of the album's nine tracks with Prince. Her new solo sophomore album, Superconductor, has people calling her a refreshing songbird with a bright funk soul.

She recently completed a string of sold out tour dates in Europe and is embarking on her third album. She continues to make waves as an independent artist.

"I feel like this is just the beginning of my story," she says. "There's a lot I want to share with the world."

"We knew she'd be leading her own revolution soon," says Prince. Indeed, and that soon is now.

Badd Kitti

BADD KITTI is a FUNK & SOUL TRIO with a sound that Gets Right Down to the Groove.

Led by the hard edged synths and smooth vocals of 'Brieze on Keys' Thompson and backed by the relentless rhythms of drummer Sunny Dee and bassist 'Freaky' Keith Snyder, the trio can lay down a mellow Roy Ayers groove or jam on a P-Funk classic with arrangements that are surprisingly full, rhythmically nuanced and most of all, FUNKY.

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