Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home

Debuting in Wilmington, DE in May, 2002, Long Walk Home recorded three full-length albums (2004's Live Before You Die, 2006's Long Walk Home, and 2009's Heavy Sand) and an EP (2003's The Liberation EP) before going on indefinite hiatus in Spring, 2010. Taking cues from Classic Rock acts like Neil Young and The Band, as well as more recent artists such as Pavement and Deerhunter, the band garnered a dedicated following throughout the Philadelphia area, and also played regionally in cities such as Baltimore, New York, and Boston. They share members with, and played most often alongside Philadelphia-based band, The Quelle Source, who released their final album in August, 2013. Performing sporadically over the last three-and-a-half years, Long Walk Home has not appeared together since October, 2012, when they covered a set of Bob Dylan material at Milkboy Philly.

Monday Appreciation Society

Two dudes from The Quelle Source, a 4-track cassette recorder, a lot of lyrics, a lot of friends and a lot of beer.

New 11-song LP coming soon.

Bird Watcher

Bird Watcher is a recording project begun by Singer/Songwriter Julian Booker and Producer Jesse Soifer in Spring 2013. Combining a musical base in Classic Folk & Americana with contemporary production and musical sensibilities, Bird Watcher presents a lyrical collage joining first person narration with pop culture references to subjects ranging from music and poetry to the history of sports in Philadelphia. Their debut release, Happy House: Suite, is set to be available digitally in December, 2013. More, including their collaborations with singer Ashley Cubbler, are set to appear next year.



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