Bitby Holiday Party with Taggart


Philadelphia Weekly recently described Taggart as “harking back to underground rock’s golden age during the half-decade leading up to Nevermind. The guitars are sweet and crunchy like super sugar crisp, purveying tasty hooks coated in distortion and jagged edges with gruff, half-yelped vocals reminiscent of Eric Bachmann (Archers of Loaf)”. A band for over 15 years Taggart has released four full length records and has been featured on numerous compilations. In recent years they’ve opened for some of their biggest influences, including Portastatic and Tommy Stinson, and even acted as Grant Hart’s backing band on a few Husker Du songs. They self-released their latest cd For What It’s Worse in September of 2011.

Successful Failures

Originally an Alt/Country lo-fi side project for Mick Chorba (of Dipsomaniacs) this NJ band has evolved into a full blown rock force - mixing Superchunkish blasts of indie-rock with Americana & jangly pop influences. The Successful Failures released their very successful full length, self titled, debut CD in the summer of 2006.

In 2007 the band released a five song EP ("Bridges over the Delaware") & their critically acclaimed sophmore effort, "Ripe For The Burning". The Successful Failures spent some time in the summer of 07' in Knoxville, TN recording with Superdrag drummer/producer Don Coffey Jr.. The albums single, "All I Can Take", is the fruit of their labors. In 2008 the band played a series of well attended mini-tours with stops in Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Raleigh, NC, Winston Salem, NC, Richmond, VA, Morgantown, WV, Baltimore, MD, D.C, Arlington, VA, Philadelphia, PA, & more.

The band released a digital only 3-song single called "Time To Sell" in December of 2008. The Successful Failures are currently recording their 3rd full length album & plan on more touring to support the new cd which will be released in the summer/fall of 2009.



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