Circadian Frequency

Circadian Frequency

A self-reliant, three pieced attack on your native sub-genre.
Our sounds in three words:
More saga than song. We write comic inspired, episodic chapters....
These ...AQUANAUTIC TALES... are released in the order they are discovered.
Publicly displayed as often as possible without pause or hesitation.
Consult your manuals for the next appearance.

Punk rock band from Philadelphia with influences such as Green Day, The Replacements, Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, Lifetime, and more.


Literate indie pop music with '80s chime, folksy charm, and post-punk noise. Like that part in _Ratatouille_ when the restaurant critic eats the ratatouille.

Formed in 2012, Trackjackets is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Adrian Morse (formerly of Beaker Full of Death), drummer Shawn League (The Northeast), guitarist Matt Mastronardo (Applecats), and bassist Stephen “Levi” La Monica (The Absolute Zeros). The band's debut record _Signal/Noise_ was released in August of 2013.



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