Revolution, I Love You

Revolution, I Love You

Revolution, I Love You culls elements from across the pop spectrum, including gritty indie rock guitars, dance and hip hop beats, dramatic choruses, loops, and synthesizers, and uses them to strange and somewhat psychedelic effect. Origivation Magazine called Revolution, I Love You "deconstructed pop music...Costello and The Boss and Phil Spector sucked through a rusty filter of industrialized, hipster dance music."

R,ILY has toured the US east coast with German rock band Pandora's Bliss, performed at Musikfest 2012 (headlined by MGMT), and MusicUnderFire named R,ILY's single, "Cotton Shirts," one of their Top 100 Tracks of 2012.

Black Dirty

BLACK DIRTY is an all original four-piece indie band from Southern New Jersey. Just across the bridge is the city of Philadelphia, where the band has seemingly taken reign as "The Next Big Thing". Forming in August of 2011, the band played together for almost an entire year before stepping foot onto a sage. Once finding their sound, and perfecting it, BLACK DIRTY has taken Philadelphia's indie mus
ic scene to a whole new level.

As they takes the stage audience members are met head on with in-your-face, athletic drumming, thick and thumping bass lines, and soothing vocal melodies that seem to dance through the air. All of these ingredients are tightly packed together to support the complexity and intensity of interlocking guitar parts where one seems to lose himself just trying to figure it all out.

In a word, BLACK DIRTY is "fierce." No matter what band member you happen to be paying attention to at any given time, you will be impressed, engaged, and excited all at the same time. As far as the future goes, the band has one goal: to tour and share their music with the world. All support from show-goers will go directly to the financing of the bands first EP, for which they will tour immediately following the release

Kim Jong Ill

Kim Jong Ill is a Philly-area Electro Rock/Hip-Hop act with a sense of humor. In purple and yellow outfits, they blast poppy, gritty, and sometimes experimental music at the audience with a force and enthusiasm that's hard to ignore. Armed with vocal effects and a myriad of sounds, they create songs that are easy to enjoy, but difficult to classify.

$7.00 - $10.00


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